Gettysburg: Armored Warfare Reviews

Based on 3 critics – Overal Score: 30 / 100

GameInfo: The outcome of the Civil War is in peril. Weapons, armor and machinery have been sent back in time. The Confederate forces are now attempting to overthrow the Union and change the course of history. Take control of either side and engage in massive online battles with unique Real Time Strategy / Third Person Shooter gameplay mechanics.
Customize your army by combining both futuristic and period soldiers, tanks, boats, zeppelins and more. Control your army from above using traditional real time strategy controls. Then take control of any unit in the third person perspective for direct combat. Large scale multiplayer battles, customizable armies and multiple game modes await.

Critic Score
MonsterVine So there’s a story in here, but you’ll only know about it if you read the manual. Basically the year is 2065 and the United States has been in some deep shit for a while. Their own Hadron Collider decides to explode and creates a wormhole which they soon learn to control which results in the discovery of time travel. A disgruntled general who’s still upset the Confederates lost the Civil War decides to go back in time to arm the South with futuristic weaponry in hopes of changing history. That’s as much of a story as you’re going to get because this is a multiplayer only game so feel free to write up your own story of what happens after. I prefer to think that one side is really a race of ancient robots who lost their memory and have to cope with their sudden realization in a climactic twist. The humans and robots soon learn to accept each other and make toaster babies.. Read Full Review 50/100
ComboCaster Having some good ideas is the best thing i can say about this game. The end result is disapointing at best. Read Full Review 26/100
WGTC Gettysburg: Armored Warfare is an unfinished game. There is no way anyone could have played this title for more than 15 minutes without seeing its massive failings and plethora of bugs. Read Full Review 15/100


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