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Based on 12 critics – Overal Score: 53 / 100

GameInfo: Role-playing fantasy universe created exclusively for the PC based on the well-known desktop wargames from the company Rackham. You have to go back to the war-torn universe Aarklash to lead a campaign against the brave soldiers Griffin violent followers of Scorpio and destroy these creatures possessed with a thirst for power in the last, decisive battle. However, these monsters are not only your enemies. On the way into the den of scorpions you come up with no less horrific enemies – rampant bloodthirsty Wolf and powerful evil orcs.

Critic Score
Capsule Computers All-in-all, this title feels like game itself is very well designed and made, but a lot of the User Interface side of things have not been made with the same level of care. It very much feels as though they were made by two separate groups of people, who never worked together to bring one cohesive, consistent level of quality and design to the whole experience. Read Full Review 85/100
Gamedot The game feels half finished in places, but there is a kernel of greatness here that can be hard to find in other titles in the genre. The community is small but active, and the developers clearly have a love for their product. For these reasons alone, you could consider Confrontation a worthwhile purchase. Read Full Review 70/100
HonestGamers To stop all evil in the world, you control a squad of warriors belonging to the Griffin (human) faction. Though you’ll recruit teammates as you travel through various lands, you can only fight with four at any given time, so you must choose your lineup carefully. You’ll often be surrounded, outnumbered or overpowered. Your enemies are frequently stronger, or have better skills. It’ll take your best thinking and planning to succeed. Read Full Review < 70/100
GamingUnion It’s always interesting to see a table-top epic adapted into another form of media, particularly of the video game kind. Just take a gander at Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Age, and evenWarhammer 40,000. Cyanide Studio have picked up the now administrated Rackham Entertainment’s Confrontation, a miniature war-game set against the dark fantasy world of Aarklash. Read Full Review 60/100
CalmDownTom Confrontation by Cyanide Studio is a tactical squad based game where the player controls teams of human characters in a faction known as The Griffin. They are very much the fantasy equivalent of Warhammer 40k’s Imperials including their focus on Inquisitorial zeal. Their story unfurls as you battle across the world of Aarklash against other less savoury factions Read Full Review 50/100
Dealspwn Confrontation is a functional and thoroughly unambitious translation of an obscure tabletop wargame that could have been so much more if the strong core gameplay was fleshed out with a worthy campaign. Fans of the miniatures will ask “why now?” whereas newcomers will wonder “why bother?” Damningly, for thirty quid, these are questions we can’t satisfactorily answer. Read Full Review 50/100
IncGamers There seems to be confusion in some quarters about how Confrontation actually works, so let’s employ some well-worn genre phrases to summarise the game. It’s a squad-based tactical combat title in which the pause button can be employed to issue orders, but actions play out in real time. Despite being based on a tabletop miniature skirmish game, this is not a turn-based affair like Cyanide’s version of Blood Bowl (ok, that did have a real-time mode as well, but it was fairly pointless) Read Full Review 50/100
TGH The age long war against the rival factions of Aarklash come together in this final climactic brawl. Confronting the units of the Scorpion and shutting down their operations from behind the scenes, Confrontation swaps large armies for precise strategy. Coming from our preview of the title last month, how does the finished product fare against itself? Read Full Review 50/100
ZTGD I’m not much for fantasy movies or books, but I can definitely get sucked into fantasy games. Between the Diablo games and Torchlight, I have spent more hours than I can count clicking the mouse button to make monsters die. Confrontation is similar in setting to those games, but replaces the hack and slash action RPG combat with a tactical, squad based approach. The concept is interesting, but it never comes together, and the result is a game that tries to blend genres but doesn’t do either one well.Read Full Review 49/100
Invision Game Community After only a few days of us getting a chance to play the preview of Confrontation, our good friends over and Tripplepoint Publishing, an associate for Focus Home Entertainment passed us the full version of the game. Read Full Review 40/100
Pikimal Confrontation on the PC is a good representation of, and introduction to, the Confrontation tabletop universe, but presented in a clumsily executed way. Still, I feel like I got some quality RTS/RPG gaming out of Confrontation, and as long as you don’t expect the second coming of Dragon Age, you’ll find things to enjoy about this lengthy game. $40 is a little steep for the amount of quality and content offered, but if you can look past its many flaws, Confrontation offers a decent story and challenge, but only for the most dedicated RTS/RPG fan. Read Full Review 40/100
WGB Wax on, wax off. If little Danny LaRusso could be taught the basics of polishing, why is it that so many game developers seem to skip over this simple lesson? The latest perpetrator for this is lesser known developer Cyanide Studios, creator of the table-top faithful PC version of Games Workshop’s Blood bowl. On the outside, Confrontation seemed like a breath of fresh air into the stagnant world of real-time tactical games but as you scratch away at the promising exterior something rather grotesque lies beneath. Read Full Review 30/100



Genre: Action, Strategy, RPG
Developer: Cyanide Studios
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 5 Apr 2012

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