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GameInfo: The sequel to Rebellion’s highly-acclaimed 2005 game Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 continues to offer gamers the most authentic World War II sniping experience by putting them in the middle of war-torn Berlin amidst the frenzied final battle between German and Russian forces. Berlin 1945. V2 Rockets with deadly nerve gas are primed to launch. An army of German and Russian soldiers stand in your way. Make every single bullet count or the world dies with you.

Critic Score
Geek Revolt Rebellion and 505 Games return with a new game to their surprisingly good hit Sniper Elite, with Sniper Elite V2. This game was announced about two years ago with just a teaser logo and of course, the fans went crazy. Sniper Elite was a surprise hit for the Xbox and PC back in 2005, so now that is has a sequel, are we seeing another hit from Rebellion? Read Full Review 80/100
HotBloodedGaming The premise of Sniper Elite V2 is easy to explain. Take the obligatory sniper missions from third and first person shooters then flesh it out into a full story driven experience. While that may sound uninspiring and potentially repetitive, developer Rebellion have managed to create a fresh shooting experience, despite a slew of technical problems. Read Full Review 70/100
Eurogamer Sniper Elite knows its limits, by which I mean its audience. It’s not looking to hook the historical re-enactment crowd with a pedantic World War 2 simulation. Nor is it hoping to seduce connoisseurs of shooter fare with inventive, rarefied mechanics or an elaborate arsenal. Worthy plot and character development are a distant hope. What Sniper Elite V2 offers is a third-person duck shoot in which the ducks are Nazis with explodable testicles. Read Full Review 60/100
CVG Turns out there’s only so many times you can watch a man’s skull get cracked open by a sniper bullet in lavish slow-motion. Only so many times you’ll tolerate Sniper Elite V2’s glorification of pinpoint murder. Only so many times you can observe the grisly effects of your aiming and clicking before you tire of arterial spray and gobs of brain matter. In one sitting of Sniper Elite V2, that limit is about 20. Read Full Review 63/100
Reaction Time It isn’t often that you get a remake to a game with an average reception, but I’m almost glad that Sniper Elite managed to find itself this new audience, who are more likely to pick it up; from what I gather, the original didn’t sell particularly well. I could be mistaken, but regardless, I know plenty of people that enjoyed Sniper Elite for all the right reasons. They want a game that puts you in the shoes of the sniper and with a decent degree of realism, and in my opinion, Sniper Elite (and now, V2) are at the top of the sniper game food-chain. Unfortunately, everything else that is wrapped around the actual sniping isn’t quite on target resulting in a disappointingly shallow game, which appears not to have gotten the attention (from the developers) that it deserves. Read Full Review 60/100





Third-Person 3D Shooter

World War II
Release Date

May 3, 2012


505 Games U.S., Inc.

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