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100/100 – Saving Content
“Hearts of Iron IV is an excellent way to play a World War II strategy game, and is grand in every sense of the word. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of micromanaging and decisions to be made, but with simply hovering the mouse over something, told me what I needed to know, and the most important items were notifications, I felt that after a dozen hours, I was really getting to terms with everything. This is not a game you can just pick up and play, it takes many hours to learn the systems, how they interact, and what works well. This is a game that still teaches as long as you’re still learning, and this is a finely tuned wargame that has captured my heart and mind.”
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95/100 – Gaming Respawn
Hearts of Iron IV is one of, if not the best, World War II strategy game out there right now. It is reasonably easy to jump into and deep enough to cater to a lot of die-hard grand strategy fans like myself. Paradox Interactive found a way to make tedious tasks that have burdened other grand strategy games, such as setting up production lines, an extremely intuitive and easy to use feature. This is the game I’ll still be playing ten years from now thanks to the near endless replayability and the many releases of substantive pieces of DLC that Paradox Interactive will add to the Hearts of Iron IV name.
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92/100 – WCCFtech
“In my opinion, Hearts of Iron 4 is the best grand strategy game out there. The setting is added an excellent level of authenticity with the battle-plan feature, excellent Ai and a world map that is absolutely splendid to look at and watch the war unfold. Combined with a well developed political and infrastructure system, there is so much that can be done in the game, one that will absorb your time and leave you with lost time.”
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90/100 – Frugal Gaming
Hearts of Iron IV is the fourth instalment of Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy game focusing on the Second World War. The game focuses on either the preamble to the war, the political tensions …
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90/100 – Hardcore Gamer
Hearts of Iron IV is the most fun you’ll have taking over the world.
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70/100 – PC Invasion
Encrypted signals intercepted by PC Invasion suggest Operation Hearts of Iron IV Review is about to make landfall with many flotillas of words.
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70/100 – Invision Community
Hearts of Iron IV (HoI4) is the long awaited (seriously guys, seven years?) follow up to Paradox’s Hearts of Iron 3 (HoI3). HoI3 is a grand strategy game in which you can take control of any nation in the world from 1936 to 1948 and try to guide them through, or away from, World War II. You control everything from the armed forces, industrial production and research through to diplomacy and politics. HoI4 is more of the same, but with what might seem like minor changes, at least to the uninitiated.
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The Reticule
“I still want more, and better, options for diplomacy and instigating peace negotiations. But as a war game, it is still bloody awesome.”
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“The grand strategy genre is dominated by one name: Paradox. Creators of the newly released Stellaris, the Europa Universalis series and the Crusader Kings games they have established a dedicated following. They also create and publish the Hearts of Iron franchise which takes Paradox’s now well established formula and slaps it into World War II. Now onto its fourth game Paradox have put considerable effort into making this the most accessible title yet without losing any of the depth that fans have come to expect from the company. So what better time for somebody who has never played Hearts of Iron to step forward and try to lead a nation to victory? As a relative Paradox noob I reached out to the company and asked if they were interested in having the game reviewed by somebody who wasn’t familiar with their mechanics nor their famously convoluted interfaces. With my lack of experience surely this would be a perfect test to see whether Hearts of Iron IV is a little easier to get to grips with? So, if you’re looking for an in-depth article talking about the changes that Paradox have implemented since Hearts of Iron III look elsewhere – I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome guys and gals out there who can tackle that subject with skill, especially on the forums.”
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The Kotaku
You’ve probably won the Second World War in a video game before. Maybe as a commando, maybe as a pilot. But have you ever won the Second World War the way it was actually won? Because it was won with logistics, and…hey, wait, I promise it’s more exciting than it sounds.
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