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Based on 4 critics – Overal Score: 66 / 100

GameInfo: “Anna” is an adventure game designed to analyze what the player does and react around his behavior. It features three ending according to how much the character has gone deep into madness. The more you play, the more you find, but to really discover everything, you’ll have to lose yourself. With the game, you’ll also get the main character’s notepad, giving you more insights on the plot, and the original Soundtrack.

Critic Score
Leviathyn Need more horror in your life? Check out Anna. Leviathyn’s master of the dark and obscure, Paul Popiel, visits the game he previously previewed and was excited for. Was his excited met with a good game? Read Full Review 90/100
Gamezone “Anna intrigued me from the first time I ever saw a trailer for it. The extremely ambitious premise completely blew me away, and since I’m a huge Horror game fan, it completely appealed to me. The genius premise lies in the fact that Anna is supposed to be able to tell what you’re afraid of, and then use it against you. Focus on something a little too much and it will start to play tricks on you. This is evident in the game’s trailer where it shows the player looking at a symbol with eyes painted on a door, and then those eyes appearing all over the walls. Awesome right? Except not so much. After delving into the game myself, I found that while there are some things the game uses against you, it’s more of a test of patience than anything else,”Read Full Review 75/100
IGN I like the exhilaration that comes from being chased; the tension and rise of adrenaline that comes in the moments where my character is hiding from a stalking enemy; the way my hands shake as I let out a stifled breath upon reaching safety. Whereas so many games make you feel like you’re untouchable, horror games often strip you down to the most basic fight-or-flight impulse, stoking your primal instinct to run the hell away. Read Full Review 55/100
BeefJack Eventually a kind of reactive horror wins out, but one far from the designers’ intentions: claustrophobia. Trapped in tiny environments, reduced to attempting last-ditch combinations of items in your inventory, you’ll instead find escape through the only passageway available to you, to the desktop. Read Full Review 45/100


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