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Based on 6 critics – Overal Score: 53 / 100

GameInfo: Get acquainted with Michael Bezzle; small time acquisitions expert in
the decaying slums of the metropolis – Global-One

Michael has met the girl of his dreams: savvy, sophisticated, funny and
gorgeous, pawn shop owner Francesca Jones seems like quite the catch
Love is in the air for him but when his final caper goes awry, Michael
must flee for his life as he sets off to uncover the truth behind
UniCorp, the world’s last corporate giant.

Follow Michael through this vibrant point and click adventure game as
he meets outrageous characters and explores the brightest dystopia you
will ever see. Meet a range of quirky characters, from hawkers peddling
rat meat and delusional cyborgs to brainwashed and politely vicious
lawmen. Be they friend or foe, the many colorful personae of Hoodwink
will help and hinder Michael on his adventure. Set across the sprawling
sectors of Global-01, Hoodwink features the ramshackle and ingenious
underbelly of a society ruled by the world’s last corporation. A
twisted future with absurdly dark humor, Hoodwink reveals an insane
world with vile conspiracy and corporate-themed satire, making the
brightest dystopia you’ve ever seen, all to the catchy beats composed
by the award-winning Leon Willett

Critic Score
XLC Gaming Network One genre that is slowly coming back to life is the Point ‘n’ Click genre, which in the Amiga days, boasted loads of true gaming quality in presentation and gameplay. The latest current gen offering comes from E-One Studios with their gripping, mysterious and artistic master piece Hoodwink. Read Full Review 70/100
Thirteen1 Point and click adventure games seem, to some, a little out of place these days.

In a marketplace bloated with games of all genres boasting intense (read: loud) action and mature (read: sex) themes a quirky story about a down on his luck thief trying to propose to his wheel-chair bound girlfriend and get out of his slum is refreshing. However, E-One Studio’s debut title by no means an eight-karat synthetic diamond and despite a gorgeous soundtrack and a slew of good ideas the final result comes off somewhat lacking. Read Full Review

GodisaGeek The team have obviously worked hard on building this imaginary world and its inhabitants, and there is certainly some charm there, it just needed a bit more shaping and polishing to create a more coherent whole. Non-fans of the genre would find very little to take away from the game, and unfortunately in its current state, even hardcore Adventure gamers would be a little let down. It offers some hope for the future if E-One Studios decide to refine their ideas and work in the genre more, and it is good to see emergent developers from new territories, but this isn’t a game that is likely to draw much attention, and with its woefully low replayability, this will probably be soon forgotten. Read Full Review 50/100
ZPlay E-One Studio’s debut PC Game, Hoodwink, may not seem ‘impressive’ from the offset but it does indeed deliver a colourful and fun point & click adventure, if you are willing to stick with it. Read Full Review 50/100
Capsule Computers The quirky point and click is almost a genre in itself, provoking many fond nostalgic sighs as people cast their minds back to the joys of titles like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island. Hoodwink is the latest game to try and squeeze itself into that small but often golden box, and comes to the world from a small Malaysian developer called E-One Studio.

At the moment exclusively distributed on EA’s Origin service, the game description boasts a flood of buzz words that seek to hook in potential buyers. Things in this game are not only quirky, but ingenious, vibrant, outrageous and absurdly dark. Is that so? Read Full Review

Dealspwn Hoodwink could have been a truly superior adventure game, and it still could be. The emotive characters, superbly-designed world and engaging storyline consistently delight… but they’re shoehorned into two miserable hours of weak mechanics and awful puzzle design.

I genuinely hope that E-One studios will refine the concept into something worthwhile, but for now, Hoodwink simply isn’t worth your time or money. Read Full Review




Publisher: E-One Studio
Developer: E-One Studio
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: Jun 28, 2012

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