The Promised Land Reviews

Based on 1 critics – Overal Score: 90 / 100


GameInfo: Build a thriving colony along a vast wilderness in The Promised Land, a wonderful endeavor for the adventurous at heart.
In an epic quest to find the Spring of Eternal Happiness, an untamed land of possibilities lies before you. It beckons an adventure teeming with surprises where the road to glory lies within you, but it will take courage and old-fashioned know-how.

Do you have the will, cunning, and perseverance to make it through?
Find out when you take charge of settlers and build a thriving colony in this colorful resource management challenge. Build a town that rivals the splendor of the Old World as you search for the Spring with your fellow colonists. Gather resources, erect buildings and establish trade as you explore the land. Befriend natives, battle pirates and increase the skills of your workers in an open world where every mission, upgrade and trade is yours to choose. Tame the New World before it tames you!

Critic Score
BioGamer Girl The Promised Land is the newest title from Alawar Entertainment. The new strategy game tasks you with building up a civilization using the resources of a foreign land with a limited amount of crew members from your ship. The crew’s ultimate goal is to find the Spring of Eternal Happiness and claim it for their home country. Read Full Review 90/100


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