Code of Princess Synopsis

Gamers take control of the powerful princess Solange Blanchefleur de Lux as she engages in an action-packed battle between man and monster in Code of Princess. Similar to the Dreamcast title Guardian Heroes, the action takes place in classic side-scrolling fashion, with battles occurring on three different horizontal planes. In normal action, gamers can only battle against foes on the same plane, but by locking on with ranged weapons they can deal double the damage to enemies anywhere on the screen. Players can also use special burst attacks to overwhelm more powerful opponents.

Joining the princess on her journey is a cast of quirky characters, including the well-armed nun Helga Wilhelmina, a necromancer named Lady Zozo who is built out of spare body parts, and the elvish bard and trickster Allegio Mantabile Cantabile. Code of Princess also includes several multiplayer modes, with co-op fans teaming up with as many as three friends to earn gold, gear, and experience points in online or local Wi-Fi action. Competitive gamers can also head online and choose from 52 different characters as they compete in a battle royal to earn Princess Points.

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