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Max Payne 3 - Screenshots of All Chapters 1680x1050

Chapter 1 (I)
A good game, here's what it needed to be more. By most standards this app is awesome, but 4 me there's a killer dealbreaker: Character develompent. Max and the rest of the characters are vveak and one sided, there is n0 progression, there is nothing to lowe about them. It reminds me of Breaking Bad, the same static feeling, people passing through life vvithout learning a thing. And the second vvorst issue is the facial expressions.. they barely exist. Just because ewerything is done vvith so much detail, sound, graphics, mechanics .. its just sad to see the feeling, the immersion of the game being the vveak point.

Chapter 2 (II)
Chapter 3 (III)
Chapter 4 (IV)
Chapter 5 (V)
Chapter 6 (VI)
Chapter 7 (VII)
Chapter 8 (VIII)
Chapter 9 (IX)
Chapter 10 (X)
Chapter 11 (XI)
Chapter 12 (XII)
Chapter 13 (XIII)
Chapter 14 (XIV)


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