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Sonic Adventure 2 HD PC Review

So, Sonic Adventure 2 is back. We finally have it up on the Steam. For what I've seen, I must say that it didn't get to be the same error as the port of the first Adventure was earlier.

This note is quite based on the comparation with experience we've seen with the First Adventure on the PSN/XBLA and Sonic Heroes, that came after the original Adventure 2. Can't say this game is way better or fixed than it was before, but it's a relief to see that this one has not been nerfed in terms of quality like the first Adventure. So, we have HD graphics, trophies (yes, finally a good reason to A-Rank all stages and missions)... But this is all to be there. We got no big news beside the chance to mix the best of the original Dreamcast version with the best of the Gamecube version via DLC. Nonetheless, it did not made the same mistake of becoming the bugmass the first Adventure had become on the PSN/XBLA version. 80/100


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