Carrier Command: Gaea Mission PC Review

Not what I expected: Im actually not sure what I expected with this game. It combines a combination of land, air, (sea) RTS, island hopping base capture, and what I can best describe as mostly story driven and very easy infantry missions. Difficulty at least as far as the campaign goes is pretty straight-forward in that it more or less progresses as you unlock various research elements. I havent completed it, only about half way finished, but lets say things heat up and get very very interesting at that point.

If you expect amazing off the charts graphics this game will disappoint, however they are far from detracting in my opinion since the only time you actually have a chance to really look at them is with the few and far between infantry missions. I think this games claim to fame is how diverse the gameplay is, do you prefer a stricktly land assault, or airstrike and mopup with land forces. Pathfinding with Walrus is a bit…difficult using the AI. But that about the only negative I can really say in my experiece aside from the enemy carrier being a major major PITA at the moment. So far Im having a blast!!!

Micro management of your units(first person mode) is very important, or you will lose more units than you can afford. With the walrus you can find quicker routes to were you want to go than AI waypointing also, and before you get the Mantas upgraded armour its pretty much a must since until then, Its relagated to a “do not engage enemy or die” scout aircraft, but knowing this its very effective as a scout.

Verdict: 80/100

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