Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics or Dynasty Tactics will immediately recognize the basic game play of Disgaea. It strongly resembles Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation, with slightly updated graphics.

At first, I had the feeling that this game could have been done on the Playstation One, but the average graphics soon became unnoticeable once the action started. This is where the genre has gotten a real facelift, allowing for many, many options during the fighting, which translate into much more strategy.

The options outside of battle are good, too, including the ability to create your own characters. Now that I can do this, I wonder how I’ve ever liked a strategy game without it. The game play is smooth, which helps differentiate it from a Playstation game, and everything works well to set the mood.

The music in Disgaea is great, catchy music with enough variation to avoid becoming stale. In fact, the whole game manages to keep from getting stale, even doing the same map multiple times for extra experience.

The story of Disgaea is good, and while it seems familiar much of the time, it’s pretty original. The cut scenes are well done, and often hilarious, sometimes poking fun at the lack of actual strategy found in other games of this genre.

So if you liked Final Fantasy Tactics, you will like this game. If you didn’t like it because it didn’t actually have all that much strategy, you should like this game. If you never played Final Fantasy Tactics, but you are looking for a game that is a lot of fun and has a good story, this is a good game to get. Disgaea is a very solid purchase, combining all the important elements of what makes a great game and even sometimes managing to be original.

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