Natural Selection 2 Review: A Theory Of Evolution – Pixels for Breakfast

70/100 First introduced by Darwin in On the Origins of Species, the term Natural Selection is used to describe the process in which animals and plants are systematically favoured to reproduce, if they fit in their environment. It also perfectly describes what happens when you put humans and aliens together on a space-ship. Look at cult series Aliens for example, there’s nothing romantic between the two. Originally a Half-Life mod like Counter-Strike, the game Natural Selection introduced a team-based game that did something quite different: it threw both Real-time strategy and first person shooter gameplay elements into the mix. Ten years later, Natural Selection 2 pits Frontiersmen (human space marines) against the Kharaa (alien species) in large and confined spaceship maps where the aliens have managed to establish their nest. The game stays true to its roots; only this time, it is a stand-alone game.
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