Twisted Metal Overview

In the same destroy-or-be-destroyed spirit as the best-selling games that bore the title before it, Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3 is a violent vehicular shooter, with arcade pacing and fighting-game styled rivalries. Players choose from more than a dozen vehicles, with different balances of speed, handling, and durability, and each heavily armed with a distinct mix of missiles, machine guns, and (often darkly humorous) mascot special attacks.

The new “Juggernaut” is a full-sized tractor trailer that can blast through barricades and bullet spray, loading up with two additional teammates for increased firepower, as they man its multiple mounted turrets. For the first time in the series, some vehicles can take to the air. The “Talon” is a small helicopter with a big mini-gun. Combat plays out across apocalyptic battlegrounds full of ramps, shortcuts, blind corners, and destructible landmarks.

The story has each player allying with one of four factions, inspired by some of the most memorable characters from earlier Twisted Metal games. A split-screen option is available for two to four players on the same console. As many as 16 can battle online, over the PlayStation Network, in a variety of multiplayer modes.

The PlayStation 3’s 2011 version of Twisted Metal was developed by Eat Sleep Play. The studio’s co-founders, David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, were responsible for the design, direction, and technical development of previous games in the series, including the PS2’s Twisted Metal: Black and the 1995 PlayStation original.

High-def debut of PlayStation’s definitive vehicular shooter
Destroy or be destroyed, in intense, arcade-paced combat
Align with one of four factions, each based on a classic character
Join in online multiplayer battles for up to 16 crazy-mad drivers
Designed by series creators David Jaffe and Scott Campbell

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