Guild Wars 2 PC Review

I saw GW1 in stores but never gave it a shot. I was playing other MMO’s
at the time and that was plenty. I decided to give GW2 a shot because it
looked different than those other games and I had hoped it would be a
breath of fresh air. I am a very casual gamer that doesn’t raid, or care
about having all the best gear. I just enjoy questing, some dungeons,
crafting and pvp here and there. This looked like the kind of game for
me. Well, after playing for a month, I am disappointed. Maybe my
expectations were too high but the game just didn’t appeal to me like I
thought it would.

First off, the graphics look great, no doubt
about that. The characters, mobs, environment all look better than any
other MMO that I have played. The thing is, it takes more than good
looks to make a game fun. The character creation is fun and varied but
for whatever reason, I don’t like the look of some of the characters.
The Asura and Sylvari just don’t look good to me. Compared to the other
races, they just look kind of “silly”. I tried to make and play them and
it just didn’t work for me. That just left 3 races, two of which (Norn
and Human) look too similar.

I have to say, I miss the quest hub
style of play. I understand that you are supposed to go out and explore
the world and find things to do, I get that. The problem is, I really
don’t find that much to do. The quests are far and few between and are
not any more exciting than the go here, kill this, gather X number of
these,that the other games on the market have. It’s kind of cool to
stumble into one of the dynamic events that occur in the zones, but
after doing it the first time, it becomes tedious. The “dynamic” event
always goes on at the same place and it’s the same thing. It’s kind of
hard to feel like you are changing the world when these events keep
happening. The whole idea of having vista’s is somewhat lost on me. Go
to an area, find the way to get on top of the mountain, building etc,
but why? What is the purpose other than get a birds eye cinematic of the
area. It just seems like pointless busy work to me.

I really
enjoy crafting and while the crafting system here might be good, I find
it hard to get very far in it. I like the idea of experimenting to learn
new things as opposed to just training every few crafting levels. The
problem I have is getting the materials to do the crafting. As I level I
harvest, mine, and salvage anything that I can, but it’s still not
enough materials to advance the skills. There just don’t seem to be
enough nodes or drops out in the world. This leads to the next thing I
don’t care for-

Scaling down levels. I understand why this
happens, and many people might like it, I don’t. ArenaNet wants you to
be able to go back into an old zone and be on the same level as the
person you are helping. They don’t want you going back as a much higher
level and one shot everything. I understand this. The problem I have
with this leads back to my crafting complaint. Like I said before, I
enjoy crafting as much as anything. I like to level it as I go. In many
MMO’s, this one included, you out level the zone before you get enough
materials to level up your craft. This wasn’t a problem in other MMO’s.
You could go back to the zone that has what you need (ores, herbs, cloth
etc) and be able to get your mats without too much fuss because your
level was higher than than the mobs in the zone. You could mine, gather,
or kill some mobs quickly to get that cloth you need. The scaling down
of your level now makes it that much harder. Here you have leveled your
character, learned new spells only to feel week as a kitten again when
you go back to the lower zone. So you spend hours killing mobs that
should be lower than you just to get your items you need. Sure, this
makes the game longer and gives you more to do. The problem is that even
though you could be a 20+ level character in a level 5 zone, your armor
still takes damage which can be very expensive to repair, which leads
to the next issue, lack of income.

Maybe I am doing something
wrong but getting money in this game is a chore and a half. It takes
forever to earn a decent amount of coin. In this game, 1 silver is a
good amount of money. It’s not easy to buy things you need when you
don’t have the coin to do so. Again, maybe I am missing something here
but it just seems a little out of whack.

Lack of mounts is
another issue I have with the game. Having to run back to an area you
just came from can take quite a bit of time, time that could be better
spent doing something else. At least having a mount would speed up the
process. There doesn’t need to be flying mounts but any kind of ground
mount would be great. One nice thing is the waypoints. You can click on
one that you have visited anywhere, anytime. While that is a nice
feature, the problem is they cost money. In a game where money is hard
to come by, spending them on waypoints will help keep you in the poor
house for even longer. So, you have to weigh time vs money. Pay the fee
to go to x on the map, or waste quite a bid of time running there. At
least a mount would be a one time investment that would increase your
travel time.

I don’t really have any complaints with the skill
system, pvp or dungeons. While nothing is spectacular, its decent. I
haven’t done much pvp but the little I did was fun. I do like how
weapons affect your skills. It’s nice to work with different combos to
see what works best. It’s a little confusing at first but nothing you
don’t learn from playing.

I know that many of the issues I
pointed out are no big deal to a large amount of players, they are to
me. Games should be fun and I just don’t find this game to be that much
fun. I finally logged back into the game yesterday after a two week
break from it. I figured maybe I was just burnt out on the MMO in
general. Well, it’s not MMO burnout, it’s just a dislike of GW2. It
feels like ArenaNet has filled this game with “fluff” to make it a
longer play experience. Vistas, having to explore to find quests, longer
travel time, scaling down levels doesn’t make it more fun, just more
tedious. When I don’t even want to log in and play, it’s time to admit
it wasn’t for me.

Maybe something will change with the game that
will make me want to come back. Maybe something will change with me that
will make me want to play it again. I know that I am most likely in the
minority on this game but I wanted to share my opinion. I wanted to
like this game so bad but just cant, it’s not the game for me.    

Verdict: 40/100



Persistent World Online RPG

Swords & Sorcery (Fantasy)
Release Date

August 28, 2012

ArenaNet, Inc.

NC Interactive

Keyboard, Mouse

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII PC Review

This game is god awful. I have never touched a flight sim with such horrible controls. Having a bunch of planes for you to fly and a good selection of missions to fly isn’t very important if it feels like you are trying to fly a brick. This is only made worse by a game that doesn’t really allow you to personalize your controls, and didn’t recognize all of the buttons on my joystick. There is no ability to adjust stick sensitivity, and no ability to assign joystick functions.

Pushing the stick to the right makes your plane roll over. Twisting my joystick makes it actually turn. There is no way to adjust these settings. The lack of sensitivity controls is a real issue. It was very difficult to make plane climb or dive without turning over, because that axis was way too sensitive. Want to play with a mouse and a keyboard? Too bad! The game doesn’t support that! Additionally, I noticed a few weird things with the graphics. The training mission has you shooting at abandoned jeeps on the road for target practice. Despite crashing right beside them once or twice, I still couldn’t barely see them. Oh, I could see the target markers, but the jeeps themselves looked like matchbox cars next to the plane. Please save your money, and do not buy this POS.

Verdict: 20/100



Flight Combat Sim

World War II
Release Date

August 28, 2012

Trickstar Games

Mad Catz, Inc.

Dark Souls PC Review

“Amazing Game, very challenging, and yet so rewarding”

Dark souls is a fantastic blend between an action game, and an RPG. It
does both well, not sacrificing straits from either genre’s to give the best of both. On one hand, you have a wide list of stats, which of
course affect combat and what gear you can use. On the other hand, you
have a deeply engrossing, fluid, combat system; I found myself trying to
beat bosses or extremely difficult enemies simply because I knew that
if I memorized their attack patterns I could win, and perhaps gain
fantastic loot early. But I’d like to get a bit more in depth rather
than ramble on.

Games for Windows Live: this is
probably one of my biggest issues with the PC port, the registration
process kept bugging until I made a new account, and ANYTIME my internet
connection even hiccuped I was sent back to the start screen. Once or
twice is irritated, twenty-seven is down right infuriating.

Options: The options for the PC port are lacking, which can be a big
problem if you’re on a lower-end machine, although it still ran pretty
smoothly without needing to change anything.

Controls: The
controls for the keyboard and mouse are very difficult to use, and I
would definitely advise against trying it. Use a xbox 360 controller or
equivalent to get the best experience.

Framerate: Perhaps I
missed some steps to improve it, but my frame-rate overall was very
sporadic. At most times it was perfectly smoothly, and occasionally it
would drop. Now I know it wasn’t my hardware, as my PC is pretty
powerful, and testing it on a lower-end PC revealed that the frame-rate
drops happened in the same spots as well. It’s not game breaking, but a
bit irritating.

Combat: The combat is pretty basic,
providing blocks, parries, kicks and of course basic attacks. These are
all relatively smooth, and allow for some interesting combinations. You
can’t button-smash your way through this game though, you’ll need to
use those basic attacks carefully, with the correct gear (or whatever
you like) to succeed.

RPG Stats: This is what I love about
how they made the game an action / rpg. They didn’t take away RPG
elements to make way for combat, or take away combat elements to make
way for the RPG experience. They just gave you both. The stats can be a
bit overwhelming at first, but an ‘explanation’ button will briefly
explain what each stat affects. Your stats will heavily influence your
combat, as playing a character with high-dexterity, but trying to use a
giant hammer will probably result in less than satisfactory results. If
you think ahead however, you can specialize in the stats that will let
you play how you want.

Linear and Open: The world is mostly
open, or so it seems, soon you’ll realize there is always something
blocking you from not taking the linear path. Sometimes that is simply a
locked door, other times it’s skeletons that easily kill a low-level
player. I’m not picky when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I at
least appreciate that I was allowed to look around before simply heading
in the same direction. Exploring is still worth it, as even if you
don’t find a secret path, you might find some good loot or even a
shortcut to make backtracking easier.

The Challenge: I don’t
think dark souls is the hardest game I’ve ever played, but does rank
high. If you’ve been properly preparing, you shouldn’t have too much
trouble with most enemies, bosses however you might get stuck. One of
the first boss fights, it seems you’re intended to summon a NPC to help
with the fight, as I tried fighting the boss on my own for two hours
without his help. It only took about 30 seconds to beat it with the NPC
by my side. Before fighting a boss, or entering an unfamiliar area, be
prepared to die at least once, and think about WHY you died when it does

This game is being added to my favorites
list, right next to all the old-classics. Even though the PC port wasn’t
fantastic, for it being software’s first PC port, it was pretty decent.
And ignoring the downsides of the port, the game is amazing. My first
play through was about 100 hours, much of that was spent exploring. The
smooth combat and RPG blend gives me a variety of choices and ways to
play the game, which WILL result in multiple play-throughs. The game’s
length, options, variety, and interesting setting create a well-rounded
game, I feel like there isn’t much that I can complain about. So if you
just like the sounds of an action-rpg, or your a regular gamer looking
for a decent game, I’d recommend getting Dark Souls.

Verdict: 80/100

Genre: Action role-playing, open world
Developer: From Software
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: August 23, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC Review

“The best Transformers game ever made, fans will love this”

The Good: Top-notch production values, more varied gameplay, more unique
Transformers, improved visuals, lots of easter eggs and tidbits for
fans, building your own robot in multiplayer, solid campaign

Bad: Not enough has changed from the last game, story isn’t all that
memorable, multiplayer is boring after a while, graphics could use

War for Cybertron was the first Transformers game
that was actually good and not based off of any of the three movies
(hey, I liked them!) Its based the characters off the Generation One
cartoon series and even brought back some of the original voice actors.
Fall of Cybertron continues in this fashion, but brings out some of the
lesser known Transformers and puts them in the campaign. The game is
overall the same as the last one, but with more polish and fine tuning.

story is decent and entertaining, but nothing memorable. It picks up
from the last game where Megatron is still trying to wipe out the
Autobots, but this time prevent them from escaping on the Ark. Optimus
Prime and his gang are desperately trying to gather enough Energon to
power the Ark, but Megatron and the Decepticons, as well as the
Insecticons are causing problems for everyone. The planet is pretty much
lost at this point and all Optimus cares about is getting his Autobots
off the damn planet and to safety. You play through thirteen chapters of
various different Transformers from both sides to experience this
pretty cinematic and entertaining story.

You play as regular
Transformers and the larger ones. Bumblebee is your first one during the
first chapter. Optimus Prime and Megatron are used quite a bit, but
also Cliff Jumper, Bruticus, Jazz, Vortex, Grimlock, Starscream, and
even for a brief moment in the final chapter, Jetfire. I preferred this
over choosing between just a few different ones like in the last game.
It made the campaign more unique, and less repetitive and boring. Each
chapter is completely different with different gameplay elements thanks
to each Transformer being unique. Sneaking around cloaked as Cliff
Jumper, grappling as Jazz, flying around as Vortex, and stomping things
into the ground as Bruticus was awesome. The vehicle forms are better
controlled and I used them a lot more than I did in the last game. Even
the gun play is tighter.

The enemies are smarter this time
around, and there’s a bit more of a variety. The Insecticons add to this
variety and are spread throughout the campaign. Even the objectives are
more varied instead of just pulling levers all the time. There’s a new
upgrade system via the Teletraan 1 which allows you to use Energon
Shards to upgrade weapons. These upgrades are actually useful and make a
huge difference. I still wish I can upgrade my vehicle form, but they
are already powerful enough. The campaign just stands as a solid
cinematic Transformers story and is just so much better than the last
game. There are still a few issues like difficulty spikes, minor
collision detection issues, but it isn’t nearly as abundant as the last
game. This game is hard, and if you don’t take cover and watch out you
will die in a few hits. Using shields and Energon packs helps, but at
least you won’t die every 5 seconds like the last game.

graphics are really good, but it still uses the Unreal Engine 3 based on
the consoles and it could look better. I was hoping the PC version
would have some enhanced visuals, but we it doesn’t. There are some ugly
muddy textures here and there, but overall it looks way better than the
last game. War for Cybertron already looked dated when it came out. The
art style is gorgeous and the voice acting is just top-notch. The
multiplayer comes back again, but not much else has changed besides
being able to build your own robot. After a while you will get bored
like the last game, but hardcore fans may stay. If it makes you feel
better you get to be a T-Rex as Grimlock later in the game. I just can’t
tell you how many surprises this game can throw at you. There ia just a
ton of love put into this game and tidbits for fans.

As it
stands, Fall of Cybertron improves immensely over the last game, but
still doesn’t offer enough variation and diversity to make this game of
the year worthy. There is more variety here than the last game with
different Transformers used in each chapter, but I really wanted
something even more epic. What’s here is great, and this really is the
best Transformers game ever made, but I know it can be even better.

Verdict: 80/100




Third-Person 3D Shooter

Another World
Release Date

August 21, 2012

Activision, Inc.

Darksiders II PC Review

The Good: Gorgeous art style, smooth and fluid combat, fun platforming,
clever level and puzzle design, lots of abilities and moves to unlock,
tons of loot to find, plenty of collectibles, lengthy adventure, fun
boss fights

The Bad: Disappointing end boss, camera issues,
repeated enemies, repetitive level layout, extremely difficult after
first level, no PC specific graphics options

THQ and Vigil return
with a new protagonist and tons of improvements over the first game.
This time you play as Death, War’s brother, who is trying to redeem War
from the Charred Council’s wrath for destroying humanity. On your
adventure you meet new and old faces, as well as a ton of puzzles,
bosses, and combat, as well as new abilities.

The first thing I
have to mention is that this game isn’t nearly as confusing to play as
the first game. I was always lost and had no idea what to do. Even
finding hidden chests was a pain. This time around there are lots of
collectibles and chests, as well as some free roaming, but in a more
organized fashion. You wind up traveling through three different realms
that each have their own secrets. The Forge Land is where you start, and
you can buy armor and weapons, so Vulgrim plays a small part this time
around. By finding Book of the Dead pages and Boatman coins you can
trade them in for special keys as well as random boxes with a piece of
armor or weapon with Vulgrim. There are lots of different items to
collect and find, so loot is abundant here.

My favorite part
about the game is the platforming. It’s just so fun and fluid as well as
fast paced. The level design is ingenious here, because it seems
labyrinthine at first, but I rarely had to go to a walkthrough to figure
out where to go or what to do. Death even gets to acquire some
abilities that are just for puzzle solving like the Soulsplitter which
allows him to split into two and the Voidwalker, which makes a return
from the last game. I found the puzzles to be really fun, and they were
just challenging enough to where you only had to think for a bit then it
all clicked. The satisfaction reminded me of how I felt when solving
puzzles in Portal.

Secondly, the combat is a lot better than the
last game. Death feels fast, fluid, and has a lot more moves at his
disposal than War did. You can buy over 20 new moves throughout the
game, as well as upgrading your skills. You will need to play the game
twice to be able to upgrade all the skills, but what I did unlock were
fun. Eventually certain moves leached health from enemies, gave me more
Wrath (needed to do these moves), and stunned enemies. You can turn into
Reaper from for a while which does a lot of damage and you take very
little damage. Overall, the combat was just fine, but the camera had
issues. Every so often when I was in a tight corner the camera didn’t
know what to do. It didn’t happen often, but when it does you can’t
really see what’s going on and will take hits. After the Forge Lands the
game gets extremely difficult. I died multiple times during certain
fights because they were so hard. You also get less health potions later
on which can lead to frustrating deaths.

The boss fights are
some of the best things the game has to offer. There are plenty of them
and they are fun, but challenging. You have to be quick and dodge and
learn the enemies moves. There isn’t a block button here so the game can
get really tough. I did find the final boss disappointing because I
beat him in one try in just a few short minutes. Besides these issues,
the combat is fun, solid, and well done.

I did find the game a
bit repetitive after a while. It was the same thing over again just in
different orders. Fight these enemies, solve this puzzle, do this
platforming bit. Most action adventure games are like that, but
Darksiders II doesn’t offer much variety. Even the enemies repeat
constantly to the point to where you just get sick of killing them. The
only time I felt excited about combat after the mid-way point were the
boss fights. Thankfully the game is just overall fun, so even when you
feel the game is getting old you will want to press on.

The game
looks pretty good with a gorgeous art style. The textures can look a bit
ugly up close, and I was disappointed that Vigil didn’t include any PC
specific features. In fact, the graphics options only allow you to
change the resolution and V-Sync doesn’t even work. The keyboard and
mouse controls are clunky, so stick with the Games for Windows
controller if you have it. There are plenty of collectibles in the world
so people who are dedicated to that will stay busy. This is one long
game ranging at about 15-20 hours if you just go through the story and
most side quests. If you complete it 100% you are looking at close to 40
hours of gameplay here. I just couldn’t find the motivation to collect
everything like in games such as the new Batman games and Assassin’s
Creed. After I got towards the end of the game I just wanted to finish
it and be done.

Overall, Darksiders II is a solid action
adventure game with some minor issues. There are no PC specific graphics
options, there are camera issues during combat, and the final boss
fight is a disappointment. Enemies repeat often, and the same puzzle,
platform, combat formula follows throughout with not much variety, but
the game is fun. There are a lot of the collectibles and a few side
quests, and the boss fights are a blast. If you loved the first game you
will love this even more.

Verdict: 80/100



Third-Person 3D Action
Release Date

August 14, 2012

Vigil Games

THQ, Inc.

Keyboard, Mouse

Legends of Pegasus Review

Legends of Pegasus is a 4x space turn based strategy game. I pre-ordered this game on steam and got it several days ago, and boy was I disappointed. The game itself looked promising, but in the game’s current state with all the bugs and problems they are having it’s nearly unplayable because I can’t even finish tutorial campaign, because objectives are hidden behind the screen borders, there are problems with loading and saving games.

The thing is that the game could have been good, but it just has so many issues that it simply is not enjoyable. Buttons don’t work. Unmovable UI elements that do nothing but block useful buttons. Some loading screens are missing. Ships get stuck in orbit during combat.

Game crashes a lot. Multiplayer is unplayable. Skirmish mode is glitched and unplayable. And the list goes on, and on. LoP in it’s current state is simply in an alpha state of a regular game, it’s incomplete, filled with bugs and problems. It’s just been a head ache to play, and made me really regret buying the game on steam. My recommendation for anyone who was planning to get this game is don’t, at least not until the fix the game or finish it. If you are looking for a good 4x space game then I would suggest checking out Endless Space, while it has it’s fair share of problems, the game is playable and enjoyable for what it is, whereas LoP is not. While LoP does have potential if the bugs are fixed, the game in it’s current state it is no where close to being worth 40$ because the game is incomplete, buggy, glitched, and just bad.

Verdict: 20/100




Release Date

August 14, 2012

Novacore Studios

Kalypso Media USA Inc.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Review

The newest expansion for World Of Warcraft has settled in now and I can “try” to give an idea of what you will face.
The leveling through new content is fun, gone are the “hubs” from the last Xpac, there is an actual new continent to explore with many new
factions, races and lore.
When you reach the level cap of 90 you can
fly in the new areas, until then you are restricted to ground mounts,
this forces you to explore and deal with the new terrain and prevents
you from grabbing too much to start.
The real job starts at 90…
you want ‘epic’ gear (purple) you will have to make friends with the new
factions, run ‘dailys’ and collect “valor” points to spend on gear. You
earn VP pts by doing these dailys (repeatable daily quests) and
dungeons, you need to be “revered” with the faction before you can buy
the gear that faction offers… so if you need a chest, pants, head,
etc, you earn the right to each.
The reason you need to earn the gear
from factions is to raise your “iLevel”, the level of your gear, you
must have a high ilevel to enter a raid and earn the real epics, the
ones you need to beat the highest rated content.
What this means is
if you want to raid, you Must do the dailys, this has many upset, the
dailys can take hours, even if you take on half of them you will spend
hours, leaving all the rest of fun stuff on the back shelf. These daily
quests are very repetitive and after awhile you can do them with your
eyes closed (not really, but it feels like it, LOL), this is a daily
“Groundhog Day” experience. If you plan to raid, plan to have long
reputation grinds to even enter a raid, this is a huge barrier to those
who were used to running dungeons to gear up, since the gear from them
is all “rare”, not epic (blue vs purple) and will not get you to an
ilevel high enough for a raid.

If you don’t plan to raid, then
the game opens up with so much to do, so much to see and so many items
to collect that can be fun… pets, mounts, rare items from hard to find
NPC’s (non-player characters), you can visit all the new shrines and
earn a flying disc, you can enter the world of Player vs Player (PVP)
and fight other players, just to name a few.
The new area is filled
with rare spawns, Very hard to kill ‘elite’ monsters that will drop rare
items, each having special attacks and loot. You can hardly explore
without seeing a few along the way, but beware, these are not like the
older ‘rares’, these fight back, these Will kill you if you don’t pay
attention to the patterns of attack.

To sum up my opinion here..
If you are a raider in WoW be prepared to grind dailys… a lot, this can be seen as unfair, but it’s a fact,
you are an explorer, loremaster, collector of rare items, and casual
player the dailys are there, but just running the ‘normal’ quests in
each of the new provinces can keep you busy way past your $50 bucks
worth. The lore is outstanding, the rewards for exploring can be great
and there are ‘scenarios” that you can run for fun and loot.
This is a
fun expansion, but the harsh critics do have a point, raiding has been
at the heart of WoW since ‘vanilla’ and to make it so inaccessible to
them without long, boring reputation grinds is unfair. No game should
force you to suffer through something you don’t like to play something
you do, give them multiple paths, give them a ‘raiding’ path to raiding,
not a groundhog grind of epic proportions.

Last note, if you
want the Collectors Edition of this title you can buy the digital
download at $20 less than the boxed version, it’s at Blizzards web site
(keep in mind, no music CD, no hardbound book, you get the game and
digital bonus items only).

Verdict: 60/100



Persistent World Online RPG

Anthropomorphic Animals
Release Date

September 25, 2012

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment

Keyboard, Mouse

Expansion Pack, Features Dolby Digital Sound

The War Z Review

This game is defined as an MMO. Despite this, it is definitely not an MMO. Massively Multiplayer pertains to a persistent world which does not exist in this game. Instead, you have servers with “batches” of 50 people you can play with. The texture quality, especially the grass is quite awful. It is impossible to see in grass while proneing at all. The money shop gives players huge advantages for those that use it and really punishes players that dont.

The game on Steam also says an 100km world and multiple maps, despite the fact that War Z only currently has 1 map and it is not even 100km. The game is very much incomplete. I could go into horrible detail about how this game has missed the mark. I could understand, if this game was an Alpha. However, this is supposed to be version 1.0 and version 1.0 is a disaster. Not a good buy, dont waste your money.

Verdict: 20/100

Genres: Persistent World Online (MMO)

Release Date

October 15, 2012

Hammerpoint Interactive

Arktos Entertainment Group

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes PC Review

As a player of the Sherlock Holmes series since it began 10 years ago, I
have to say that the series has evolved considerably since Curse of the
Mummy. Testament is a wonderful new addition for players familiar with
other Holmes titles. For players new to Holmes, this is a point and
click adventure game (albeit with a multiple view interface reminiscent
of some FP shooters) that still retains some of the frustrations of the
genre such as linearity problems, inventory heavy puzzles and sometimes
extensive exposition dialog. If you are more in to action heavy games,
this entry may be quite dull and it may not be the right game for you.
For those that have played other Holmes titles, this is definitely new
take on an old character and is probably the best game in the series
right now.

Watson must come to grips that Holmes might not be the
man he thought he was and that he might be capable of some sinister
deeds. Over the course of the game, even I started to lose faith along
with Watson (with one extremely shocking/OMG scene in the third act).

(80/100): Getting better, but there is still room for improvement. Some of
the motions are still jerky and the lip animations don’t always match
up with the dialog. Don’t be put off by the opening sequence which
starts off with some poorly animated/atrociously voiced children in an
attic (small, bearable part of story). My awful computer made them look
like the pale-skined, dead-eyed kids from Village of the Damned. They’ve
also done away with the creepy Watson sneak ups and random arm flailing
from Awakened. They still reuse characters quite heavily from older
games and sometimes the copy paste elements are obvious (all old ladies
in Whitechapel are apparently a set of 6-8 identical twins with
differing scarf fashions).

Sound (60/100): Old stand by voice acting
from Holmes and Watson (cynical and snarky as always :). The music is a
little more banal than other games, lots of theme reuse and old sound
effects. Sound must not have been a priority, but just make it through
the kids and the game gets better (seriously who voice casted those

Puzzles (80/100): You can’t have an adventure game
without puzzles and with these Frogwares has turned away from the easier
ones in Ripper and gone back to the more frustrating types encountered
in Lupin and Awakened. There is great variety- math puzzles, sliders,
color match, combination and inventory puzzles- and most are not too
bad. However, there is one chess puzzle early on that us quite evil for
that level of the game, but there is a new skip puzzle feature in this
game, so you never really get permanently stuck. The “sixth sense”
(reveals object interactions) and deduction board features return from
Ripper as well.

Playability (90/100): This game has a few more
system requirements than previous entries, but my old boat anchor from
2007 played it fine with minimal loading hang up (don’t recommend
playing on a non-gaming laptop though). There are only a few glitches or
bugs and it has an autosave feature at key scene changes.

(100/100): This is the best thing about the game. It’s an entirely original
story, but Frogwares has included the cannon from the other games
(don’t need to play others to understand this one though). I was
genuinely surprised by many of the plot twists and liked the direction
the game was taking. The ending may ruffle some hard-core literary
Holmes fans, but I thought it was sweet and believable. Overall, there
is 12-20 hours of gameplay, so it is a long game.

Cost (40/100): As advertised, the cost is currently too high but worth it in the $20-30 range.

(80/100), if you enjoy the series -buy this game- and if you are new to
the genre, expect heavy dialog and puzzle oriented themes.       

Verdict: 80/100 




Third-Person Adventure

Franchise Characters
Release Date

September 25, 2012

Frogwares, Ltd.


Downloadable Release

Airmech PC Review

Airmech is a moba type game where you play a robot that also transforms into a plane. The main problem in it is that the control mechanics are cumbersome and the build mechanics detract from gameplay , since you have to pick up the created units with your plane, and drop them somewhere.

It is basically a RTS where instead of clicking units and giving them orders you pick them up with your avatar (which you control with the mouse) and drop them somewhere. While this might be fun for some people, I say why not cut the intermediary and either move to a proper RTS game or move to a DOTA type game.

Verdict: 50/100

Genre: Free to Play, Strategy, Indie
Developer: Carbon Games
Publisher: Carbon Games
Release Date: 9 Nov 2012