Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Review

Aftermath DLC for PC takes BF3 up a notch; most noticeably by the inclusion of 4 new maps that are the best produced in BF3, and up there with the best Battlefield Series maps. They are medium sized maps that are maybe slightly smaller than Karkand, but much bigger than Grand Bazaar. Helo’s, Tanks and new transport vehicles are also included.
The new CrossBow weapon is a novelty – but once you unlock the various bolt ammo – it adds functions to your 4 kit loadouts that they would otherwise not have while only taking an equipment slot and not having to be your primary weapon. Playing the new game mode “Scavenger” is a fun way to unlock it. Scavenger allows you do “find” weapons on the map or you must use only your kits pistol and knife. The weapons range from lvl. 1 PP-2000 to powerful M-Tars and AKs. The CrossBow can be found. Otherwise scavenger is simply a Conquest. In closing this DLC is what DLC should be all about. Keeping a game fresh and fun nearly a year after release. BF3 Aftermath is something EA/Dice should be proud of.

Verdict: 80/100

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