Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII PC Review

This game is god awful. I have never touched a flight sim with such horrible controls. Having a bunch of planes for you to fly and a good selection of missions to fly isn’t very important if it feels like you are trying to fly a brick. This is only made worse by a game that doesn’t really allow you to personalize your controls, and didn’t recognize all of the buttons on my joystick. There is no ability to adjust stick sensitivity, and no ability to assign joystick functions.

Pushing the stick to the right makes your plane roll over. Twisting my joystick makes it actually turn. There is no way to adjust these settings. The lack of sensitivity controls is a real issue. It was very difficult to make plane climb or dive without turning over, because that axis was way too sensitive. Want to play with a mouse and a keyboard? Too bad! The game doesn’t support that! Additionally, I noticed a few weird things with the graphics. The training mission has you shooting at abandoned jeeps on the road for target practice. Despite crashing right beside them once or twice, I still couldn’t barely see them. Oh, I could see the target markers, but the jeeps themselves looked like matchbox cars next to the plane. Please save your money, and do not buy this POS.

Verdict: 20/100



Flight Combat Sim

World War II
Release Date

August 28, 2012

Trickstar Games

Mad Catz, Inc.

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