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Dec 13, 2012

Doom 3 BFG Edition PC Review

So I picked up DOOM 3 BFG edition for PC and for Xbox 360. The PC version is great, some new improvements to the game and updated graphics options (not quite 'sikkmod' style for vanilla doom 3, but has a few new ting to tinker with plus updated menu options and configurations). The Lost Mission is a great map pack, btw. The addition of 3D stereoscopic support and VR headset are a huge plus...
I don't have the Virutal Reality headset as it isn't out just yet, but the 3D stereo output is probably the best 3D mode for any game I've seen... There are a few good games for 3D out there, but DOOM 3 BFG Edition's 3D mode tops them all. The only options I wish they add are a menu option for FOV (it can still be changed via ingame console or config file) and eventually Co-op (something the console version has, but they decided to not add to the PC BFG edition release). Course there's alway LMS coop mod... whenever they update it for the enhanced BFG edition, that is, but it would still be nice to see an official coop from id/bethesda for the PC version.

On a side note... I picked up the 360 version just to see the improvements over the original Xbox release. If you remember, Doom 3 was released on Xbox just right before the Xbox 360 came out... so it had to be heavily watered down for graphics and maps to meet performance requirements for the original Xbox. Sadly, while it still made for a great experience, visually and gameplay wise, it was lacking quite a bit in comparison to its PC counterpart.
That's most certainly not the case. Not only has the engine had some nice touches and updates and it's running purely on the PC engine for the Xbox 360 now... but it looks great!. The console version of DOOM 3 BFG Edition is definetely side by side with the BFG edition enhanced PC version now. Especially character models and textures, as well as level/wall textures. It looks every bit as a modern game as any current game out for the 360. And it feels just as fresh. It also supports 3D mode. Both versions include:

DOOM 3, and its huge expansion pack "Resurrection of Evil" along with a new expansion pack called "The Lost Missions". All of them support 3D and run on the enhanced id tech engine, multiplayer is available. 3D mode is supported. Features like a gun-attached flashlight, improved audio, lighting, some new graphics features and enhancements (not exactly sikkmod, but still nice touches and additions) for both versions (and much needed and improved config/graphics management for PC version), even updated FX (shotgun now sounds nastier, etc) and it includes DOOM 1 and DOOM 2 as vanilla as I've seen them other than owning the original PC copies.

Pick it up! you'll like it. May I say playing Doom 3 on my 56" LG Cinema display LED 3DTV is fricking AMAZINGLY TERRIFYING! And on my 30" HP ZR30w 2560x1600 pc monitor, it looks every bit as nice as it should, and holds up pretty well for a PC game. Definetely one nice 20th anniversary release to get anyone ready for Doom 4.

9/10 for a great bundle and new additions.. but the lack of co-op on PC and some other very minor changes kept it from a perfect 10/10 (Keep in mind, the PC version originally did not have Co-op either). Though if your picking up the PC version, beware that mods and modding are not going to work as of current, so if you need mod support, should stick to buying the original Doom 3 or Doom 1/2 for PC.. but for anyone but the mod enthusiasts, this release is a great deal.
Verdict: 90/100

Genre: Compilation
Style: Shooter
Themes: Demons, Hell
Release Date: October 16, 2012
Developer: id Software, Inc.
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks


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