F1: 2012 PC Review

I have the 2010 version of this game but never really got into it, with
RFactor still being vastly superior to any F1 game out there. Grand Prix
Legends is great for 60s cars and tracks but getting it to run on any
modern computer is a job in itself not to mention the OLD graphics.

found this game to be enjoyable once you put in the effort to enjoy it.
I don’t find it to be a game for casual players it’s just too difficult
to play even on the beginner settings as well as with the high
complexity of modern F1.

That being said I was surprised with
the lack of options as far as car setup, at least in the garage. All it
has is a “quick setup” tab which adjusts for high/low down-force and top
speeds in a slider. There are no obvious options for adjusting
front/rear wing separately, ride height, camber, suspension stiffness,
etc. Same goes for the tires, but that’s not really something I delve
into much anyways. You can only adjust fuel mixture and brake balance
while in car, making it very difficult if impossible during timed
racing, especially with a gamepad. It’s very difficult to manage KERS,
DRS and drive the car at high speed! The game doesn’t do a good job of
letting you know when you can use DRS either, i.e. the zones. I was able
to use it pretty much whenever I wanted as far as I can tell! I think
it would be best if KERS could be programmed via player input to just
kick in on the straights, making it more manageable from a gameplay POV.
My wrists and hands are dead after playing this for more than one quick
race weekend! A wheel is not justified with how often I play these

Another thing is the settings as far as PC. A lot of us
have LED screens, which are frequently too bright even when adjusted to
the darkest settings. This game has no brightness settings, resulting in
a washed out look that does not help the OK graphics of this game. The
cars are great looking but the track backgrounds and people look below
standard to me.

All being said this is a fun game for F1
aficionado’s but for casual players it should be avoided. The options
are limited as far as setup in a bow to those causal players that will
not play this more than a couple times. At least games like this
depreciate so quickly that the smart gamer will wait until it’s less
than 20 bucks so not too much of a waste. The complexity of modern
F1(KERS, DRS,tires, qualifying) is incredibly hard to do in a video game
played on a pad and the game makers need to add options not available
in real life to make the game more user friendly. Also more options as
far as PC setup would be in order. Adding any of this shouldn’t add much
to the development team’s troubles. So this is recommended if you are
interested in current F1 and follow it consistently.  

Verdict: 80/100



Formula-1/Indy Racing

Professional Athletics
Release Date

September 18, 2012


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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