Guild Wars 2 PC Review

I saw GW1 in stores but never gave it a shot. I was playing other MMO’s
at the time and that was plenty. I decided to give GW2 a shot because it
looked different than those other games and I had hoped it would be a
breath of fresh air. I am a very casual gamer that doesn’t raid, or care
about having all the best gear. I just enjoy questing, some dungeons,
crafting and pvp here and there. This looked like the kind of game for
me. Well, after playing for a month, I am disappointed. Maybe my
expectations were too high but the game just didn’t appeal to me like I
thought it would.

First off, the graphics look great, no doubt
about that. The characters, mobs, environment all look better than any
other MMO that I have played. The thing is, it takes more than good
looks to make a game fun. The character creation is fun and varied but
for whatever reason, I don’t like the look of some of the characters.
The Asura and Sylvari just don’t look good to me. Compared to the other
races, they just look kind of “silly”. I tried to make and play them and
it just didn’t work for me. That just left 3 races, two of which (Norn
and Human) look too similar.

I have to say, I miss the quest hub
style of play. I understand that you are supposed to go out and explore
the world and find things to do, I get that. The problem is, I really
don’t find that much to do. The quests are far and few between and are
not any more exciting than the go here, kill this, gather X number of
these,that the other games on the market have. It’s kind of cool to
stumble into one of the dynamic events that occur in the zones, but
after doing it the first time, it becomes tedious. The “dynamic” event
always goes on at the same place and it’s the same thing. It’s kind of
hard to feel like you are changing the world when these events keep
happening. The whole idea of having vista’s is somewhat lost on me. Go
to an area, find the way to get on top of the mountain, building etc,
but why? What is the purpose other than get a birds eye cinematic of the
area. It just seems like pointless busy work to me.

I really
enjoy crafting and while the crafting system here might be good, I find
it hard to get very far in it. I like the idea of experimenting to learn
new things as opposed to just training every few crafting levels. The
problem I have is getting the materials to do the crafting. As I level I
harvest, mine, and salvage anything that I can, but it’s still not
enough materials to advance the skills. There just don’t seem to be
enough nodes or drops out in the world. This leads to the next thing I
don’t care for-

Scaling down levels. I understand why this
happens, and many people might like it, I don’t. ArenaNet wants you to
be able to go back into an old zone and be on the same level as the
person you are helping. They don’t want you going back as a much higher
level and one shot everything. I understand this. The problem I have
with this leads back to my crafting complaint. Like I said before, I
enjoy crafting as much as anything. I like to level it as I go. In many
MMO’s, this one included, you out level the zone before you get enough
materials to level up your craft. This wasn’t a problem in other MMO’s.
You could go back to the zone that has what you need (ores, herbs, cloth
etc) and be able to get your mats without too much fuss because your
level was higher than than the mobs in the zone. You could mine, gather,
or kill some mobs quickly to get that cloth you need. The scaling down
of your level now makes it that much harder. Here you have leveled your
character, learned new spells only to feel week as a kitten again when
you go back to the lower zone. So you spend hours killing mobs that
should be lower than you just to get your items you need. Sure, this
makes the game longer and gives you more to do. The problem is that even
though you could be a 20+ level character in a level 5 zone, your armor
still takes damage which can be very expensive to repair, which leads
to the next issue, lack of income.

Maybe I am doing something
wrong but getting money in this game is a chore and a half. It takes
forever to earn a decent amount of coin. In this game, 1 silver is a
good amount of money. It’s not easy to buy things you need when you
don’t have the coin to do so. Again, maybe I am missing something here
but it just seems a little out of whack.

Lack of mounts is
another issue I have with the game. Having to run back to an area you
just came from can take quite a bit of time, time that could be better
spent doing something else. At least having a mount would speed up the
process. There doesn’t need to be flying mounts but any kind of ground
mount would be great. One nice thing is the waypoints. You can click on
one that you have visited anywhere, anytime. While that is a nice
feature, the problem is they cost money. In a game where money is hard
to come by, spending them on waypoints will help keep you in the poor
house for even longer. So, you have to weigh time vs money. Pay the fee
to go to x on the map, or waste quite a bid of time running there. At
least a mount would be a one time investment that would increase your
travel time.

I don’t really have any complaints with the skill
system, pvp or dungeons. While nothing is spectacular, its decent. I
haven’t done much pvp but the little I did was fun. I do like how
weapons affect your skills. It’s nice to work with different combos to
see what works best. It’s a little confusing at first but nothing you
don’t learn from playing.

I know that many of the issues I
pointed out are no big deal to a large amount of players, they are to
me. Games should be fun and I just don’t find this game to be that much
fun. I finally logged back into the game yesterday after a two week
break from it. I figured maybe I was just burnt out on the MMO in
general. Well, it’s not MMO burnout, it’s just a dislike of GW2. It
feels like ArenaNet has filled this game with “fluff” to make it a
longer play experience. Vistas, having to explore to find quests, longer
travel time, scaling down levels doesn’t make it more fun, just more
tedious. When I don’t even want to log in and play, it’s time to admit
it wasn’t for me.

Maybe something will change with the game that
will make me want to come back. Maybe something will change with me that
will make me want to play it again. I know that I am most likely in the
minority on this game but I wanted to share my opinion. I wanted to
like this game so bad but just cant, it’s not the game for me.    

Verdict: 40/100



Persistent World Online RPG

Swords & Sorcery (Fantasy)
Release Date

August 28, 2012

ArenaNet, Inc.

NC Interactive

Keyboard, Mouse

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