I Am Alive PC Review

This video game has everything on paper; a post-apocalyptic world,
challenging parkour-y gameplay, and a lone hero with an interesting
story. Sadly, that’s about where it stops. I won’t go too much into
detail in regards to the gameplay but
instead would like to discuss the pros and cons of this game, and
finally tell you whether I would recommend spending money on it.

– Beautiful, indie-looking environment. HDR is fantastic!
– A rather unique concept and gameplay
– It has parkour/assassin’s creed-type climbing and movements
– Realistic down to how many bullets you find and can use
– Provides a decent amount of challenge, both in skill and cerebrally

– VERY linear. Almost no straying from set line, and if you do, you’re going to get sick of dead-end alleys.

You can only save at checkpoints. I hate this in ANY game, and some of
the gameplay is mundane enough that I do NOT want to go back to a
checkpoint save.
– As mentioned above, some of the gameplay can
become quite mundane, especially if you make a mistake and have to
– The game has crashed on me several times, both on the PC AND on the XBox360, see above ad nauseum.
– 3rd Person perspective is difficult coming from FPS (not considered in my rating, just a personal note)

it comes down to your expectations. Coming from fast-paced, heavily
crowded apocalyptic games such as L4D, the game seems a little too
casual to me. I don’t always need a million things to look at, but the
combination of long video sequences and having to backtrack if you mess
up, really pushes this game over the edge of playable for me. This isn’t
the post-apocalyptic, lone-survivor game I was hoping it would be, and
in that respect I can’t really recommend it. You may enjoy it, but I
certainly feel as though there is a lot that can be improved upon.

Verdict: 60/100




Third-Person 3D Action

Release Date

September 6, 2012

Ubisoft Shanghai

Ubisoft Entertainment

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