Little Inferno Review

I was a huge fan of 2D Boy’s first game called World of Goo. It was a work of art from the art style, the music, the puzzles, and most importantly the gameplay and story. Right when I saw Little Inferno on steam I got very excited to see what these guys would bring in the realm of great puzzles and interesting stories next but I was extremely dissapointed and honestly feel ripped off.

Not many games have made me actually feel ripped off as if I payed too much for the product. Off the top of my head the games that I have honestly regreted purchasing were dead island, AC revelations/brotherhood, and now Little Inferno. The great art style and amazing soundtrack is still there but thats where anything good ends. Let me summarize this game for you so you can decide if you want to purchase this without any spoilers: -The game consists entireley of buying (with fake currency) a toy or object, dragging it with other objects into a sqaure fire
place and buring them together trying to get combinations of 2 or 3 together. A small hint is supplied for each combo. That is literally 99% of this game. There are a few cool effects that some of the objects have with each other or with fire but thats only cool the first time, not the [explitive] 30th time you burn that crap. I literally felt nauseaus and had a headache after playing this game, there is no actual puzzle to stimulate your mind or challenge you, it is literally just reading a hint like “bear trap” and buying a bear toy and a trap toy and burning them together to get more coins to do the whole process over again with a different toy.

My intelligence felt insulted from this game, I started playing it thinking, “Okay this is just the beginning, the whole game cant possibly just be this” and lo and behold that is all the game consists of short of a ***minor spoilers*** very short, confusing, and non interesting albeit slightly funny ending sequence that Tomorrow Corp (2D Boy) tried to make seem interesting with slightt “mysterious” letters sent to you throughout the game. Please dont think for a second that this game is anywhere near as good, interesting, or even charming as World of Goo. Thats the only reason that I bought this game and I will never be tricked by 2D Boy again, even if they change there name a third time. This literally felt like a [expletive]ing childs game suitable for an age range of 2-at the very most 10 but whats worse is I wouldnt even suggest it for children because it could give them the idea to play with fire so it obviously wasnt even geared towards children. Save your money but if you absolutely must have it and dont beleive me, then at least wait for a steam sale or a Humble Indie bundle with the game, I wouldnt even buy this game for $5 unless that went to helping a charity. Youve lost a big fan 2D Boy aka Tomorrow Corp, but world of goo shall still remain one of my favorite games.

Verdict: 40/100

Genre: Adventure, Indie, Casual
Developer: Tomorrow Corporation
Publisher: Tomorrow Corporation
Release Date: 19 Nov 2012

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