Perimeter 2: New Earth Review

I think this is trying to take the ideas from the old Perimeter and
blend them into some type of Supreme Commander clone. Overall they
failed though. Here are some pro’s and cons

-Runs in Windows/Wine almost flawlessly!
-Very nice graphics, tree’s , foliage , water , landscape, particle effects, all very well done.
-Nice soundtrack.
-Nice packaging.


voice used in tutorial mode is horrible. The vocoder effect they use is
so strong you can barely tell what they are saying. Thank god they had
-Tutorial mode poorly thought out. For example, you are
instructed to set up a defense from the enemy, but at that point in time
it hasn’t been explained what the enemy is, or how they attack. I have
no frame of reference for what I’m defending myself from.
mode has unclear objectives. Because the objectives in the tutorial mode
were unclear I would find myself stuck after several attempts, and not
able to progress. I was told by the “voice” to refer to my journal, but
the game comes with no instructional booklet.
-Game is way to hard.
Because I couldn’t complete the tutorial mode, I found myself confused
in gameplay. Matches would last about 2 minutes before somehow I was
completely wiped out by the enemy.

Don’t buy this game. Its terrible. If you must experience it, find a demo.

Verdict: 20/100 



3D Real-Time Strategy

Another World
Futuristic Warfare
Release Date

February 13, 2009

KD Vision

Strategy First, Inc.

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