Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants PC Review

Started a Adventure game, towns are in same spot from the second game, and newer graphics. Some towns do not produce same things as example San Juan used to produce wood and brick, not anymore. So far the only tricky thing is trading. There is this slider bar to buy or sell and it likes to go off as im still choosing, or when I click on a item it takes a couple of clicks for the slider bar to appear and stay open so I have made some accidental purchases.

Another thing that kind of upsets me… Its nothing big, just the lack of flags to choose from. Combat does take getting used to since at the moment I can use 3 (instead of 5) warships on the map…AT THE SAME TIME. weird right? haven’t seen that for a while. (Since Port Royale) I kind of liked the 1 VS 5 combat. take a sloop of war and run circles around galleons shooting chain shot at each one until they cant move then switch to grape shot, kill the crew board and voila i have 5 ships to sell/ give to viceroy.. and you could call in your ships when health got low. this combat is very different but soon i will adapt Another thing so far i miss, is TREASURE HUNTING. you still get map pieces, but no disembarking and wandering the countryside looking for the treasure.. THAT I MISS SO FAR. Why did they have to take that….. WAHHHHHH, oh well i guess i can get used to it. but the combat, lack of disembarking on land, and lack of flags is why I can’t give it a 10. the thing though is i have battled a pirate town and…. it is pretty lame, nothing like PR2 in combat, you land and your troops fight kind of like boarding a ship… and i have yet to have a sword fight, i seriously doubt it is in the game.

The Devs should really think about putting those things into the game. as it stands for me right now, I will continue to play PR2 for those certian aspects. This game will grow on me but it is not the classic of PR2. i am semi-dissapointed so far will update as i go along.

Verdict: 70/100




Age of Sail
Trade and Diplomacy
Release Date

October 9, 2012

Gaming Minds Studios GmbH

Kalypso Media USA Inc.

Keyboard, Mouse

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  1. You are pissing off the can…
    the treasure hunting that involved dissembarking/walking was Sid's Meyer's, not PR.
    In Pr just appeared on the map floating, usually very near the shore.

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