Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PC Review

“The best Transformers game ever made, fans will love this”

The Good: Top-notch production values, more varied gameplay, more unique
Transformers, improved visuals, lots of easter eggs and tidbits for
fans, building your own robot in multiplayer, solid campaign

Bad: Not enough has changed from the last game, story isn’t all that
memorable, multiplayer is boring after a while, graphics could use

War for Cybertron was the first Transformers game
that was actually good and not based off of any of the three movies
(hey, I liked them!) Its based the characters off the Generation One
cartoon series and even brought back some of the original voice actors.
Fall of Cybertron continues in this fashion, but brings out some of the
lesser known Transformers and puts them in the campaign. The game is
overall the same as the last one, but with more polish and fine tuning.

story is decent and entertaining, but nothing memorable. It picks up
from the last game where Megatron is still trying to wipe out the
Autobots, but this time prevent them from escaping on the Ark. Optimus
Prime and his gang are desperately trying to gather enough Energon to
power the Ark, but Megatron and the Decepticons, as well as the
Insecticons are causing problems for everyone. The planet is pretty much
lost at this point and all Optimus cares about is getting his Autobots
off the damn planet and to safety. You play through thirteen chapters of
various different Transformers from both sides to experience this
pretty cinematic and entertaining story.

You play as regular
Transformers and the larger ones. Bumblebee is your first one during the
first chapter. Optimus Prime and Megatron are used quite a bit, but
also Cliff Jumper, Bruticus, Jazz, Vortex, Grimlock, Starscream, and
even for a brief moment in the final chapter, Jetfire. I preferred this
over choosing between just a few different ones like in the last game.
It made the campaign more unique, and less repetitive and boring. Each
chapter is completely different with different gameplay elements thanks
to each Transformer being unique. Sneaking around cloaked as Cliff
Jumper, grappling as Jazz, flying around as Vortex, and stomping things
into the ground as Bruticus was awesome. The vehicle forms are better
controlled and I used them a lot more than I did in the last game. Even
the gun play is tighter.

The enemies are smarter this time
around, and there’s a bit more of a variety. The Insecticons add to this
variety and are spread throughout the campaign. Even the objectives are
more varied instead of just pulling levers all the time. There’s a new
upgrade system via the Teletraan 1 which allows you to use Energon
Shards to upgrade weapons. These upgrades are actually useful and make a
huge difference. I still wish I can upgrade my vehicle form, but they
are already powerful enough. The campaign just stands as a solid
cinematic Transformers story and is just so much better than the last
game. There are still a few issues like difficulty spikes, minor
collision detection issues, but it isn’t nearly as abundant as the last
game. This game is hard, and if you don’t take cover and watch out you
will die in a few hits. Using shields and Energon packs helps, but at
least you won’t die every 5 seconds like the last game.

graphics are really good, but it still uses the Unreal Engine 3 based on
the consoles and it could look better. I was hoping the PC version
would have some enhanced visuals, but we it doesn’t. There are some ugly
muddy textures here and there, but overall it looks way better than the
last game. War for Cybertron already looked dated when it came out. The
art style is gorgeous and the voice acting is just top-notch. The
multiplayer comes back again, but not much else has changed besides
being able to build your own robot. After a while you will get bored
like the last game, but hardcore fans may stay. If it makes you feel
better you get to be a T-Rex as Grimlock later in the game. I just can’t
tell you how many surprises this game can throw at you. There ia just a
ton of love put into this game and tidbits for fans.

As it
stands, Fall of Cybertron improves immensely over the last game, but
still doesn’t offer enough variation and diversity to make this game of
the year worthy. There is more variety here than the last game with
different Transformers used in each chapter, but I really wanted
something even more epic. What’s here is great, and this really is the
best Transformers game ever made, but I know it can be even better.

Verdict: 80/100




Third-Person 3D Shooter

Another World
Release Date

August 21, 2012

Activision, Inc.

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