Binary Domain PC Review

Binary Domain is a third person action rpg squad based shooter game
produced by SEGA and developed by Team CS1 (Xbox 360/PS3) and Devil’s
Details (PC). Though this game seems like it has a lot of potential to
stand up to more popular games like Mass Effect 3, I’d say it’s not
quite there, but the effort it made was respectably noted. Does this
mean it’s a good game? By all means, yes, but it’s not without its

What I disliked:

1.) Stereotypical Characters and
poor voice acting: English translated voice acting for this game was
painful, to say the least. Not that there were mispronounced words or
anything, but more so the accents where horribly executed and more like
drunken slurs or just stereotypical in the case of the French
characters. The characters were rather stereotyped by their
nationalities as well and this makes for a rather uncomfortable

2.) Consol ported Control Layout: Unfortunately the
PC version of this game was very crudely ported. Default keyboard
controls are awful, but thankfully customizable via the configuration
tool. If you’ve played Mass Effect 3 for the PC and liked that control
layout, then it works perfectly for this game.

3.) Lack of
weapons/character customization: Though you can upgrade weapons, there’s
not a lot of weaponry to choose from. Each character has a default
primary weapon and side arm (in the player’s case, an assault rifle) and
you can pick up an extra secondary weapon from the ground that your
enemies drop. you can’t upgrade these secondary weapons, only your
primary. Character upgrades have a unique style to them, but in the end
it’s an over glorified points system that you have to work around for
basic stats like +10 health and +12 defense. Not bad, but not great.

What I liked:

Interesting Story: The Story and plot of this game is very captivating,
in my opinion. Fans of “Ghost in the Shell” may like this game as the
philosophy behind it is somewhat similar, emphasizing on questions like
“What is ‘life’ and what can be classified as being ‘alive’?” and “What
is the difference between man and a machine that’s become self-aware?”
This deep philosophical story almost makes up for all of the games

2.) Intense and Innovative Combat: For most of the
game you’re fighting against Humanoid Robot Soldiers and these guys can
take a lot of fire to put down. What’s nice about these tough enemies
is that you can whittle down your enemies by targeting key body parts.
For example, shooting a robot’s arm off hinders its ability to aim
accurately or drop their weapon. Shooting out the legs of a fast moving
enemy causes them to limp or fall over and crawl. Blowing off their
heads disrupts their targeting systems, causing them to fire blindly or
attack each other. Though these features are in place, this isn’t
exactly a shooting gallery, so you’ll have to think on your feet on how
to deal with specific enemies. If you take too long eventually the enemy
will charge your position and take advantage of their more durable
bodies to get in a few hits before they get taken out, so you have to
act quickly.

3.) The “Trust” system: Some actions you take in the
game as well as specific dialog options you choose will change a
partner’s opinion of you. This trust will determine how they perform in
upcoming firefights and how well they’ll execute your commands when
things go south.

4.) Multiplayer and Online Coop: Though I
haven’t played Multiplayer yet, It seems like a straight forward third
person Call of Duty or Gears of war. Coop mode, or “Invasion” mode, is
more equivalent to Mass Effect 3’s Multiplayer where players must
survive an onslaught of 30 waves, each one progressively getting much
harder than the last. Online players can choose from up to 6 different
classes and upgrade them according to their play style using XP they’ve
earned in combat.

With all its flaws I still liked this game.
They were flaws that I could get used to or work around, and they don’t
really bother me as much as most other people. I can’t say that this
game is “amazing” but it fairs out pretty well, and though I haven’t
beaten the game yet I’m still dyeing to know what happens next, and that
to me is a huge plus for me. The game isn’t exactly original, but I
like the direction that this game is going. In a way the game feels
slightly Nostalgic for me, though I can’t quite put my finger on why. It
has a lot of exciting moments, but it also has a few cheep, annoying
moments too (like timed quicktime events that kill you instantly and
kill the flow of the game). For me, it’s an action packed and
challenging game, and I hope others like the game as much as I do. This
is definitely a game that I would recommend if you’re looking for an
“Action/Adventure” title that’ll help kill some time.    

Verdict: 80/100



Squad-Based Shooter

Futuristic Warfare
Release Date

April 27, 2012

Sega of Japan

Sega of America, Inc.

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