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Krudler – not recommended
How is this game out of Early Access? It’s little more than a gameplay proof-of-concept at this point. A very promising one, yes, but this is nowhere near ready for the public IMO.

The game needs tons of polish starting with fixing the fact that there is no preview of “next block”, you can’t tell where the heck your existing blocks are going to drop, and the camera keeps floating around when you are trying to line up your drop meaning a great deal of the time your blocks don’t go where you intend.

The control scheme is perfunctory at best and ill-suited for the type of game. It uses the mouse to direct the pan of the “camera” and align the blocks, but it really should be a left/right control scheme that moves the block one unit at a time.

The missions are poorly conceived and badly executed as well. Within a very short time of starting you’ll get to the area where you have to kill 15 Elite foes. Problem is the RNG takes literally an hour to spawn that many Elites. None of the stuff like this is fleshed out at all. One time I played for over 40 minutes before I gave up after finding and killing only 2 Elites.

Just take a long, wide, deep pass on this game until the devs make this into a real game and not a proof-of-concept.

Ron – recommended
At first I thought this game was ♥♥♥♥, I was mad at it and its stupid level of difficulty.
But I decided to give it a chance, unfortunately its one of those games that you need to die a couple of times to level up.
Which is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ because you could of just made 1-2 levels for beginners, and plow your caught up with the game.
well faulty as the introductory levels are.

The game is pretty casual and fun, I bought this for 25 cents during the holiday sale, and now im happy i did.

This is basically a rogue like game but you put pieces of the map where you want a-la-tetris but you can take your time placing them.

all in all i recommend this game to rogue like fans (not rogue lite) its a refreshing experience, not much versatility or options like dredmor or sots or even castle of the winds, but its a fun time killer.

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