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Jan 6, 2013

Inversion PC Review

The Good: Some good gameplay ideas, decent graphics

The Bad: Broken game mechanics, massive plot holes, uninteresting characters, boring weapons, boring multiplayer

Inversion is a game about gravity manipulation that fails to work. How a single element that an entire game evolves around fails is beyond me. You play as a man named Dennis trying to find his daughter after an unknown enemy destroys his city. Unfortunately, that's about as far as this ridiculous game gets. There are massive plot holes, completely broken game mechanics, and some very monotonous shooting segments.

The game gives you a Gravlink that allows you to make objects light or heavy. You can use this on enemies as well, but it doesn't work as well as you think and feels completely useless most of the time. Why shoot a barrel to make it light, aim at it, pick it up, aim it at the enemy, then toss it when just a few bullets works twice as fast? The only time this is useful is when the game forces you to use it during the many boring boss fights. You can acquire upgrades for it as you go along like being able to pick up heavier objects, and the heavy gravity isn't unlocked until much later. This one mechanic just felt completely useless to me except for when I fought larger enemies, and that wasn't very often. So hats off to Saber for screwing that one simple thing up. They made a major game mechanic uninteresting and useless.

Secondly, comes the inversion gravity that effects your navigation. This part was fun until you realize how broken the cover mechanic is. One type has you flipping around walls and buildings which reminded me of Prey a lot, but not as fun. The second type is where you're in Zero-G and you can float around by moving from pieces of debris. Here's where the mechanics suddenly break down and make the game a living nightmare to play. You can somehow still get injured when behind cover whether it's Zero-G or on the ground. I died so many times because a rocket somehow killed me by hitting the object I'm hiding behind. Secondly, if an enemy throws high gravity at you you can't land even if you move away from the area. You can try to push yourself around, but some times it doesn't work and you are left vulnerable for a good 10 seconds. That's enough time to die. If an enemy uses low gravity on you you go through this stupid long animation of recovering your sense before you can aim your gun and fire while on the ground. After that you can't move and are just laying there taking shots, and 99% of the time you will die during this stupid animation.

Why all this wasn't tested and thought of is the obvious question. On top of all this you get some guns that aren't fun to shoot and have no impact or weight to them. You get the same types of guns in standard form and plasma form. The boss fights are even repetitious and boring because the game throws the same exact boss at you several times. I fought the slave driver five times, and the security bot about four. Each time you fight them the same way with no changes. All I wanted to do was shoot myself because of this. On top of all this you're sitting there wondering why you're even bothering because the plot has so many damn holes. Why are these guys invading the city? Where are they from? What do they want? None of those questions are answered. You just go along trying to find your daughter and that's pretty much it. The game is a seriously huge waste of time and I can't recommend this to anyone.

Overall, Inversion`s graphics are pretty good, but the art style is generic and boring. All the gameplay elements and mechanics are either broken or useless and the game has more plot holes than LA's streets. What's the point of playing? Sheer boredom is all I can think of. Do not waste a single penny on this game, but if you have to just rent it. The multiplayer is incredibly boring as well so don't even bother with that either.    
Verdict: 40/100

Genre Shooter
Style Third-Person 3D Shooter
Themes Alien Attack Futuristic Warfare
Release Date July 26, 2012
Developer Saber Interactive
Publisher Namco Bandai Games America, Inc.
Flags Downloadable Release


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