LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Review

When I got my first Lego-based game, the original star wars game, I fell
in love with the series. It was so simple, but done with such excellent
and incredibly fun execution that you couldn’t help but fall in love
with it. It was a game that would appeal to children easily, and perhaps
adults even more easily recreating your favorite scenes of the films.
This followed suit with the Lego indiana jones trilogy (Not the
“Complete Adventures”, because I still wanted nothing to do with Crystal skull). When the first lego batman came out, I was ecstatic and I
played it until my fingers were ready to fall off. My favorite comic
character of all time had a Lego game. It was probably my favorite of
the Lego series that I had played.

Until LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES came out, that is.

have been playing this game with a greater fervor than any of the
previous games combined. The biggest plus for me regarding this game is
the much more open world-ness of the game. It feels like a much bigger
game, and it certainly is in regards to character, story, and graphics.
The main story is very much like the older and sillier team-up comic
books in which the best villains combine forces to wreak havoc on their
respective heroes, which is what brings together Batman, Robin and
Superman vs The Joker and Lex Luthor. Of course, all of the inmates of
Arkham escape as well, so you’re up against many of the villains of the
first game as well, such as Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin,
Catwoman, etc. But this isn’t just those three characters as the heroes.
As you go deeper into the story gameplay, you get the most of the
current lineup of the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The
Flash, and Cyborg)!

You still have the constant pumping of Danny
Elfman’s iconic score from the 1989 Batman film, but nicely, when you’re
in the open world scenarios, if you choose to fly with Superman, you
get the even more iconic John Williams Superman theme! As far as sound
design is concerned, this is the first time that you’re treated to
actual dialogue in a Lego game, and again, the dialogue is aimed at
kids, but for an all-ages game, the dialogue fits these characters very
well and particularly the newscasts during the cutscenes are very clever
with the scroll at the bottom of the screen, which is something the
adults will get a big kick out of. The sound effects are terrific, and
you even have Clancy Brown returning to voice Lex Luthor as he did in
the SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series (Sadly, no Mark Hamill,
Kevin Conroy or Tim Daly though).

The biggest attraction for me
personally was the amazing list of unlockable characters. Characters
like Aquaman, Hush, Ra’s al Ghul, Hawkman and many, many more are hiding
around town waiting for you to build the golden door so that when you
do get to the free play modes, you can pick and choose without always
having to rely on the suits. Also, the DLC for this game (which includes
packs of five heroes/villains a piece) is VERY inexpensive and is
really there for the big comic fans.

There are some nitpicky
problems that I have with the game (I wish that Green Lantern could
shoot projectiles from his ring; I wish The Flash could run straight up
buildings… like I stated, nitpicky), but the only problem I have with
the game play is the flight mechanics are a little clumsy during the
open-world segments, and that’s a pretty minor problem. I know that many
people who play co-op are having some problems with the in-game camera
co-op play, but since I don’t even have another controller, it’s
honestly not something I could comment on. Ideally these games are
designed to play with another person so that they can join in the fun,
but I’m more of a solo player anyway so it’s never been a concern.
Although my wife has expressed interest in playing this game with me as
we did together with the first Lego Batman, so I might be looking for
another controller soon!

For right now though, LEGO BATMAN 2 is
one fantastically entertaining game filled with action, humor and joy
and if you’re a fan of the previous games, this should be a really easy

Verdict: 80/100



3D Platform

Release Date

June 19, 2012

Traveller’s Tales

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Keyboard, Mouse
Included in Package

12-page Instruction Manual

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