Nexuiz PC Review

Fast paced, fun, action-packed gameplay is what you can expect from Nexuiz, the only problem being the player base – or lack of it. This game – as you may well already know – is an attempt to revive the old school FPS genre. It takes the core gameplay from games like Quake/Unreal Tournament and puts it in a super good-looking, vastly improved box, using dynamic mutators to get rid of any monotonous, grindy gameplay which some people thought was present in Quake due to a lack of progression.

As I said at the beginning, it does have the problem that it has a relatively small player base. The reason I say that this is likely to be fixed is that the developers intend to do some sort of marketing campaign (such as a free weekend) but wanted to wait until they had added a few more things to the game like dedicated severs (which they do now have) in order to ensure it’s as successful as possible. Overall, I would recommend this game to any and every old school arena FPS fan out there as an incredibly viable, cheap new alternative to games like Quake.

I would also recommend this game to anyone who has never tried an arena FPS as things like strength allow newer players to have some feeling of success whilst learning the game, whilst hardcore veterans can utilise some of the more exotic mechanics of the mutators to devastating effect. I would not however, recommend this game to people who have tried and disliked arena FPS in the past as it is likely that not enough has changed to make you enjoy it. P.S. I haven’t had any issues with the games optimisation. I run it on a mid range PC and have had no issues. I can however see there being trouble for lower end computers.

Verdict: 80/100



First-Person Shooter
Release Date

May 10, 2012

Illfonic, LLC

THQ, Inc.

Downloadable Release

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