Shoot Many Robots PC Review

Indie games can be great and this game is an example. Consider it’s low price-tag this game is amazing. I had more fun with this game then with many of the so called AAA games of late. This game is best when you play it with a friend. It’s basically just a point and shoot game. You walk in a 2D environment with WASD and aim and shoot with the mouse. Your goal is to reach the end of the level while killing as much robots as possible on the way.

The better you do the more stars you get (5 stars are max). Unlocking all the stars can be a nice goal after completing the game. There are 3 different difficulties.

The ‘normal’ difficulty is very easy. Hard mode is only challenging in the begin. Insane difficulty is pretty easy in the begin, but it can get really hard to do every level at 5 stars in the end; there are insanely much robots jumping around and they hit hard. This makes the game easier over time (giving the illusion of getting better). And I don’t think the game needs it. It’s fun by it self and has replayability just for unlocking all the starts on all maps.

Verdict: 85/100 



Platform Shooter

Release Date

April 6, 2012

Demiurge Studios

Ubisoft Entertainment

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