Sniper Elite V2 PC Review

The Good: Satisfying kill shots, good graphics, gory X-Ray kills are fantastic

The Bad: Dumb AI, poor stealth mechanics, drab level design, frustrating shootouts, boring everything else

Elite: V2 doesn’t stand for version 2 as some people may think. This is
about trying to stop the Germans from using V2 rockets in World War II. Another WWII game? V2 has a lot of potential, but is lacking in many
areas due to the developers laziness in design. The story is nothing
special with the only satisfying thing being sniper shots.

game is all about stealth, but right away you will notice this is
broken. The enemies are laid out in a poor manner in which it is hard to
figure out how to take everyone out without raising an alert. If you do
so you have to fight it out with limited ammo from your other weapons
and you die very quickly. Using the sniper rifles is just fine with an
ability to hold your breath to steady your aim. Slowly a red diamond
will focus on a part of an enemy and that is where your bullet will
land. Once you fire the game uses a bullet camera and some times you
will see an X-Ray shot of the bullet penetrating the targets organs (the
nut shot is awesome!) You will see the skull shatter, organs burst, and
eyes explode. This is the most satisfying use of a sniper rifle in any
shooter. The problem is, the fun stops there.

Of course sniper
rifles back then really didn’t have silencers so once you make the shot
everyone knows you’re there. Some levels have loud noises you can mask
the shot in, but this can be difficult. The enemy AI is extremely dumb
in which they won’t notice a dead comrade right next to them, or they
will spot you from hundreds of yards away with some sort of eagle
vision. On top of the all that enemies spawn strangely out of some sort
of ether because you will walk a hallway with no enemies, circle around,
then somehow there’s an enemy there. This makes stealth frustrating as
hell and you will rage quit often. It doesn’t help that the forced
shootouts are frustrating and hard because you die almost instantly.

can lay traps for enemies and such, but I honestly didn’t find any
reason to do this much. Even the level design is screwy because the
hallways are confusing and everything looks the same. There just isn’t
enough satisfaction from finishing levels and out smarting enemies
because in reality your exploiting the dumb AI to advance through the
levels. After just about 3 or 4 you will probably have enough and call
it quits. It is just so sad that the great sniper mechanic was wasted on
such a boring and dull game. The graphics look pretty good, but other
than that you won’t stay interested. I had this game on my HDD for about
2 months and even when I had nothing to play I couldn’t go back to this
drab game.

Overall, V2 has some awesome kill shots and great
sniper rifles; everything else is a bust. Dumb AI, poor stealth
mechanics, boring level design, uninteresting story, and frustrating
shootouts. The multiplayer is pretty satisfying, but you won’t be coming
back for long. V2 is a huge disappointment over a prequel that was
fairly decent. Too many broken mechanics, terrible AI, and boring levels.

Verdict: 40/100



Third-Person 3D Shooter

World War II
Release Date

April 30, 2012



Downloadable Release

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