Tera Online Review

Tera is an action MMORPG, where auto attacking and tab targeting have
been removed in favor of a much more fluid (and interesting) combat
system. The game plays very much like your standard action game, and
defeating enemies requires dodging, blocking, and being mobile. While
you must still use a hotbar to trigger abilities, all of them have to be
AIMED by you, and can be dodged just as easily by another skilled
player (not by monsters, who have terrible, terrible AI). This results
in some of the best PvP action I have ever encountered.

All is
not well however, as the game has quite a few broken quests at this very
moment. They recently merged all their servers into just three (the PvP
only Mount Tyrannas, the PvE only Tempest Reach, and the Roleplaying
server Celestial Hills). This merge created a myriad of problems and
broken quests for the team at Enmasse Studios. I tried playing a freshly
made toon just for the purpose of this review and found that I could
not progress through the prologue because of a quest glitch. Moreover,
skipping the prologue and going to the newby area, I was again halted by
a quest MOB not spawning – and this once more prevented progression.
There were about 20 people trying to finish this story quest (you NEED
to complete them), and swearing about the game being a bug filled mess.
on with my higher level characters, I was told there were quite a few
more bugs in game after the merge (I asked in guild chat), and a lot of
them impede progression.

The Good:

– The
combat is amazing. I love that auto attack and targeting has been
removed. This is by far the best combat in any MMORPG that I have
played, and I played a lot of them. The thrill you get from dynamically
dodging or blocking (and countering) your opponent’s attack adds a lot
to the overall feel of things.

– Environments and creature design
are outstanding. Whoever created the world of Tera should be praised
for a job well done. Everything from lush, rolling landscapes, to the
mobs and races that inhabit it are all top notch. My only complaint
about the races, is that all the females look like slutty supermodels
(or borderline illegal for the Elin race).

– There are lots of
ways to customize your characters (however there are also some
limitations – such as not being able to make a purely bald character).

Interesting progression system where you glyph your skills to modify
them (there are usually quite a few choices to pick from), and lots of
ways to improve your gear (crystals, enchantments, etc).

Fighting BAM’s (big ass monsters) is incredibly fun (and they live up to
their name). Killing a BAM is like hunting similar creatures in the
excellent Monster Hunter games, but a bit more challenging. For all you
MH fans out there, do yourself a favor and roll a Berserker – that way
you should be able to solo most BAM’s. That is my main, and the only
character that I can solo most BAM’s with (adding to the MH feel).

– Server merges make for incredibly populated servers. There are countless players running and fighting all around you.

– The world PvP is pretty good, and actually exists in Tera, as does GvG (Guild VS Guild) and Battlegrounds.

The Bad:

– There are generally
only three quest types in Tera (of the fetch, escort, and slay variety).
All MMORPG vets are familiar with these “staples” of the genre.
Eventually PQ’s do make an appearance, but by that time it is already
too late.
With the evolution that The Secret World has brought to the genre, playing Tera (or any other MMORPG for that matter just feels stale).

– Plenty of broken quests after the server merge.

Grinding, grinding, and did I mention grinding? The best way to level
up is still to repeat grind quests in key areas while queuing for
dungeons. There is a huge drop off in the leveling speed at 40, and then
again at 50. Getting up to 40 however is pretty simple.

– The game does not deserve its M rating. It simply doesn’t push the boundaries like Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures or make you think like The Secret World.
Other than the nude patches that are floating around the net, there is
nothing too inappropriate in Tera. When a game is rated M, I expect it
to handle that rating with more than just skimpy dresses.

Tera’s story is absolute generic garbage. Everything from the poorly
voiced cutscenes to the terrible text. I tried to read the whole thing
my first time through, but eventually succumbed to the ultra fast
“accept quest and move on” mode. Star Wars: The Old Republic and The Secret World really handle this a LOT better. This is disappointing since I actually loved the Tera books.

The Ugly:

Tera is dying. Unless they switch to F2P post haste, I am afraid that
even the three current servers will not fill up. My guild, which
consisted of hundreds of members months ago, is now down to 17-20 active
ones. The merges helped quite a bit, but I don’t know for how long.

The AI of some MOBs in this game is unbelievably laughable and makes
the monsters in WoW seem like brain surgeons. You can exploit terrain
and class skills to no end when it comes to certain encounters.

the current price of $9.99 (for TWO copies), it would be a mistake to
not try this game out. It comes with 30 days of playtime, and if you do
everything right it should be the only money you will need to spend
(just purchase Chronoscrolls for in game cash).

I liked Tera at
first, I really did but as time progresses and I experienced other
games, I couldn’t help but give the game a three star rating. If you
have never played an AMMORPG before, feel free to add an extra star to
my review, but with the competition being what it is – I can’t recommend
this game too much. In fact, if it wasn’t for my addiction hunting
BAM’s and world bosses, I would have probably completely moved on by

Verdict: 60/100



Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date

April 14, 2012

Bluehole Studio, Inc.

En Masse Entertainment Inc.

Joystick/Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse

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