The Walking Dead Review

Enter the world of the Walking Dead, filling the shoes of one of the
best sociological dramas ever written. Your character, a convicted
murderer, must contend not just with a rapacious, merciless, and
potentially explosively violent group, but zombies as well. The
suspicious, selfish nature of the other survivors with you serves as far
more of a device to move the plot forward than simply a run and gun
collecting of supplies.

The gameplay is classic adventure game,
with item interaction and the ability to explore and discover solutions
to a variety of problems. Combat with the zombies is more of a button
masher, but the drama of the situtation works far better as the button
mashing doesn’t make the whole game a long running quick time event.
Also is the ability to lose correctly. You can make every correct
decision, mash every button correctly, and still lose. While its
frustrating on first glance, it does add a sense of realism, and adds
emotional weight to the fact that you just can’t save everyone. The
puzzles are similar, in that you are rewarded for common sense.

other characters are actual human beings, and most look to manipulate
you or use you to protect themselves, if not just being sullenly
suspicious of you and your motives from the get go. The interactions
feel fluid, and while you’re not rushed, you’re not able to just sit and
catiously weigh every option, as the game will pick one for you in that
case as you make a knee jerk reaction. Voices and acting are also very
well done.

A few nits do abound. You are railroaded somewhat, and
while the plot line does require it, it doesn’t make since to bend over
backwards to save the guy you hate if you don’t want to. The social
aspects aren’t as easy to spot, and pickups are a bit slapdash. The
story itself does have a bit too much deus ex machina, with you winding
up exactly at your parents old pharmacy, rather than a random location
in town. A couple of the decision points are pretty stupid, such as
leaving a safe haven without so much as a hammer for protection, and the
traditional horror movie stupid person behavior of dropping every
useful weapon 45 seconds after you pick it up. It doesn’t matter that
you don’t have shells, you take the shotgun with you.

Overall, a
well crafted, tight story that delivers all the horror and drama as
effectively as the comics do, with the added bonus of a fwe cameo
interactions without feeling like you’re following behind the original
WD group. And with more episodes on the way and custom crafted trailers,
the upcoming episodes looked well poised to do nothing but improve on
the initial foray.

Verdict: 80/100

Genre Adventure

Survival Horror


Telltale Games

Telltale Games

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