Vessel PC Review

I’ve been playing Vessel for a few weeks now and I am constantly
surprised by the very well thought out liquid physics puzzles. In short
you create liquid creatures called fluros that you use to solve puzzles;
they are attracted to certain lights and will turn on switches for you.
You also have other tools to your disposal to attract or manipulate
liquids in other ways (a water gun and vacuum and the essence of fluros
that can attract liquids).
I find that it’s easy enough for a casual
gamer to solve a puzzle and then come back the next day and to move on,
or to play hours on end as a platformer and solve puzzles as you move
through the stages (you can often go back to puzzles later if you can’t
solve them immediately).

A controller is recommended, and I found
that keyboard controls are not great esp. when you have to turn big
wheels (pressing left, up, right, down repeatedly gets old – a dedicated
rotate clockwise or counter clockwise button would make more sense). I
play the game with keyboard and mouse and my game controller. I find it
hard to aim my water gun accurately with the controller and rather use
the mouse for that. If you have a Xbox 360 Wired Controller or Wireless Gaming Receiver with your wireless Xbox 360 controller then it would probably work better than the Logitech Rumblepad 2 Vibration Feedback Gamepad I use, but its a cheaper alternative.

puzzles are quite hard and I think kids under 10 will get frustrated
easily. Don’t look up walkthroughs! The games is very rewarding when you
solve the puzzles. Sometimes it just takes a good night’s rest to wake
up with the solution the next morning.    

Verdict: 80/100



Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date

March 1, 2012

Strange Loop Games


Downloadable Release

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