PC Game Releases – March 2013

DmC – Vergil’s Downfall Action – March 5, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Citadel RPG – March 5, 2013

SimCity Simulation – March 5, 2013

The Sims 3: University Life Simulation – March 5, 2013

Tomb Raider Action – March 5, 2013

Dollar Dash Action – March 6, 2013

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Shooter – March 12, 2013

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Strategy – March 12, 2013

Trials Evolution (Gold Edition) Racing – March 21, 2013

Resident Evil 6 Action/Adventure – March 22, 2013

Rainbow Islands Review

This classic arcade conversion should be sitting on the top of our platform league. Released after much controversy by Ocean in the late eighties, it’s way ahead of other similar style games in the playability stakes.

The Beauty o the whole affair lies in the incredible hidden object and bonus system which still seems to throw up new features even after years of play Andrew Braybrook and the Graftgold team must be congratulated for camming them all into the constraints of an A500 (Amiga) system and producing what is arguably the best Amiga game of all time.

The aim of the game is to kill the nasties by firing rainbows and to reach the tow of each level, amassing as many points as possible. If you still don’t own this cite and hugely playable platform romp, look up the word ‘purchase’ in the dictionary and follow the description to the letter.

Verdict: 90/100

Genre: Action
Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd.
Developer: Taito Corporation
Release Date: 1990

Dustforce Review

To be honest, I just spent a couple of hours playing dustforce, but I think there is a reason that I stopped playing it.

First of all: I like the basic concept. I think the game mechanics are very well thought out. You have full control over the many ways to elegantly move around the character in the world. Sweeping, running up walls and ceilings, dashing, double jumping and hitting enemies that’s all great.

Probably the most important thing that kept me from continuing to play the game was the level design. The first levels are ok, but then it gets very difficult very quickly. And the levels are not difficult in a Super Meat Boy manner they are just too long, not rewarding enough, and they just need too much skill that I was not able to acquire in the first levels.

Apart from that, music is really bad, and sound design is boring as well. In the intro video, there is no sound effects at all seriously, guys! And the story cleaning the world from dust and the overall look are not appealing to me as well. And why is there no overview map for the levels?

I can imagine that people who get past the steep learning curve (or better call it learning step) really enjoy the great gameplay mechanics. I however did not, and so there is not much fun left for me..

Verdict: 40/100



Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date

January 17, 2012

Hitbox Team

Hitbox Team

Downloadable Release

Gotham City Impostors Review

Graphics are pretty alright/smooth. That’s the only thing I’m giving this game a one for. This f2p was.. quite a slap to the face, to be honest. Gotham City Impostors? How does this game have anything to do with Batman if Batman’s full 3d rendered character isn’t even shown once, or for that matter, playable, as like a special character? At least that would add some flair to the game. It is very mediocre beyond belief, and confising.
Weapons, matchmaking, etc. To one, he/she may think right off the bat that this game is a fighting style sort of game, with actual third person fist-fighting similar to LA Noire. But no, it’s another free typical fps shooter.  First off, matchmaking, horrendous. Takes at least a 10 minute wait on good internet speed, and this game does not have a beginners server, no. They immediately throw you in with higher ranking players and you have no damn clue how to play properly. Sprinting in this game? JOKE. It’s exactly like walking almost! Even I could run faster in other shooters. And weapons, unbelievable. Starter rifle, is a con. Very weak, but somehow other players manage to make it overpowered. Everything is WEAK in this game, and deaths are more likely. Overall, you gotta pay the price in money to get the good weapons you want to wreck havoc. In my honest opinion, lame.

Verdict: 10/100

Crysis 3 PC Review

I’m a huge fan of the original Crysis and Crysis Warhead but Crysis 2
was a huge letdown for me. Crysis 2 was clearly developed for consoles
first and then ported to PC. Anyways, Crysis 3 SP only took me around 5
hours to beat including all the side missions so it wasn’t that bad. The
graphics are easily one of the best I have seen and there’s no other
game out right now that has better graphics than Crysis 3 and that’s
including BF3, FC3, Hitman Absolution and Metro 2033. Even though I love
every single one of those games, I still believe Crysis 3’s graphics
are far better.

The story in Crysis 3 takes place in New York and
it’s completely transformed into a jungle and vegetation has ripped the
city apart. The game opens up with people who are provided with bows
and arrows which is different from any other game I have played. Your
main weapon will be the bow and it plays an extremely important role in
the game. You will find yourself using the bow whenever you run out of
ammo and there are several kinds of arrowheads to choose from such as
exploding and electrifying. This makes it even more fun to use, and
there is not many times when it is not suitable.

The graphics are
what make this game truly shine and you will need a powerful machine to
run it. There are some parts of the game that feels like they are not
optimized and you will see your FPS dip below 30 but most of the game
feels well optimized. The textures are amazingly beautiful and if you
look close to the objects, you can see all the tiny details. In Crysis 2
you couldn’t see any detail at all and it was blurry and low
resolution. The visual effects are a major upgrade over the original
Crysis and Crysis Warhead. The environments look super realistic and
feature complex, wide open jungle environment with a lot of
destructibility and interactivity.

The multiplayer portion of
Crysis 3 feels unique and this is largely due to the environment because
New York feels different from any other game we have seen before. The
arenas are big with lots of hiding places and factors to take into
consideration. In addition, there are fun game types, above all,
Hunter, where two invisible hunters with just bow and arrow have to hunt
10 Cell-soldiers. Every dead soldier becomes a hunter, making it harder
and harder for those remaining to stay alive.

Overall, if you
are a fan of the original Crysis and Crysis Warhead then you will fall
love in love with Crysis 3. The graphics are hands down the best part of
this game and it is easily the best looking game out right now. It has
an enjoyable story, and a unique multiplayer that has never been done
before. I definitely recommend Crysis 3 to anyone and especially to the
fans who loved the first two titles. I give Crysis 3 a solid 85/100  simply because Crytek learned from the mistake that they made with
Crysis 2.

Verdict: 85/100



First-Person Shooter
Release Date

February 19, 2013

Crytek Studios

Electronic Arts

Oil Rush PC Review

Oil Rush is essentially those Flash-based Real-Time Strategy games you
played on the library computers in high school, combined with

STORY: The story is that the world is covered in
water, and various tribes are vying for control of the last remaining
oil deposits. You’re in charge of helping protect the oil deposits from
capture by enemy raids. Makes for an interesting premise, but
unfortunately it plays out like the plot on a SyFy TV Original (if
you’ve never seen one, you can usually figure out the plot by the
30-second advertisement spot for the movie).

being a “strategy” game, there isn’t much strategy involved. In each
level you have to take control of a set amount of Oil Rigs (which give
you Oil, the equivalent of money) and a set amount of Production
Platforms (which make your units). First about Oil Rigs: They give you
points that you use in order to build turrets around the Production
Plants, and to use special abilities that you unlock in the course of
the match (for instance, “instant repair” or “radar scan”… think of
building abilities in Starcraft or General Abilities in C&C
Generals). Production Platforms make units automatically to their
maximum capacity (usually about 12-18). Units automatically defend
whichever platform they’re assigned to.

In order to attack, you
select a platform (which selects the units surrounding it), and send
them to the enemy platform. You don’t get to select individual units,
you don’t get to select places on the map besides these Control Points.
The only “micromanagement” the game offers is the ability to choose ALL
of the units at a platform, HALF of those units, or 1/4 of those units,
and then send them on their way. This is done with a button on the
bottom right side of the screen, and honestly it’s so counter-intuitive
that in the beginning you’ll probably be dividing your forces up left
and right on accident. And as I said before, all units (including enemy
units) follow set paths.
So really, there’s very minimal strategy
involved, and very little skill involved. You could I guess classify it
as a graphical tic-tac-toe where your “X’s” might switch to “O’s” before
you make the “O” an “X” again.

SOUND: The sound is one of the
better parts of the game, it features a fun rock-based soundtrack.
Considering the fact you don’t have much to interact with in the game,
the music does get a bit repetitive after a while, but at least in the
beginning it sounds fairly fresh and fun. Explosions and gunfire sound
pretty crisp.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are actually one of the
better parts of this game. They’re not state-of-the-art, but they are
easy on the eyes, with lots of orange and blue hues. Unit design is
wonderful, but the models themselves are a bit lower quality upon
zooming in. Explosions look great.    

Verdict: 40/100



3D Real-Time Strategy

Release Date

January 25, 2012

Unigine Corp.

Unigine Corp.

Downloadable Release

Saints Row: The Third – Genki Bowl VII Review

Overhyped, and under-performing. To call this a ‘mission pack’ is pretty dishonest – it would be more accurate to call it an ‘activity pack’. Several of the regular activities have been genki-fied, which would be nice, if they’d put nearly the kind of effort into these DLC activities that they did into the activities included in the base game.

The biggest let-down was “Apocalypse Genki”, the jungle-themed S.E.R.C. successor. It seems like so much time and effort for only two short levels. To compare, the original S.E.R.C. has six instances. The only non-repackaged activity was Sad Panda Skydiving, and to be honest, it doesn’t seem very well thought through.

The mascots you’re supposed to kill with a melee weapon tend to run into the trigger effect of over-sensitive cannons that will shoot you into the sky if you get too close, balloons aren’t that useful and the sum total just isn’t that much fun. And that’s from someone who’s already gotten all but one of the Sad Panda achievements in just three runs. Even when I’m doing great at it, it’s just not something I’d prefer to do. All in all I’m not feeling great about having bought the season pass.

Verdict: 30/100

Genre: Action
Developer: Volition Inc.
Release Date: Jan 17, 2012
Flags: DLC