Dead Space 3 PC Review

The original Dead Space will always be remembered as a game that scares
the crap out of you and as much as I loved the first two titles, this
one falls short in terms of atmosphere. With that being said, everything
else feels a lot better in Dead Space 3. The game feels more fast
paced than the first two titles and you are never given a moment to rest
or even think of what weapon to choose from. I found myself looking
behind most of the time because I was so scared of someone coming after
me and scaring the crap out of me :D.

After having completed the game, I
definitely feel like the game was extremely well made and the fans of
the original Dead Space will absolutely love this game. The graphics are
superb and there are some scenes that really stand out in the game. You
will know what I’m talking about when you play the game. The sound is
what makes this game stand out from every other game out there. I cannot
explain how realistic the sound in this game is. You will have to play
the game to find out because there’s no word to describe how great the
sound is.


It’s a bit scary how real everything
looks in this game with high level of detail in both the environment and
characters. The character animations are some of the best I have seen
in my life. One of the things that make this game such an incredible
experience is the lighting, environment and the artists have done an
incredible job at making this game feel like a real place. Some of the
environments in the game remind me of Doom 3 which is great because I
loved Doom 3. There are some portions of the game where you just have to
stop, look around and just absorb all the details that is around you.


sound in this game does an amazing job at creating an incredible
atmosphere of fear and tension throughout the game. There were some
moments where I became so scared because I kept hearing squishy sounds
coming from the air vent but I didn’t know where exactly that I almost
ran away from the computer :D. I honestly believe that the sound in this
game is its best and strongest point.


gameplay in Dead Space is excellent and it gives you a variety of
interesting guns. The controls feel great and fluid for most of the
time but there were some moments when you get crowded by monsters and
it’s hard to focus. Creatures are killed easily when you shoot off their
limbs but usually take a lot of hits if you’re just aiming for the body
so it lends a whole strategic kind of thing to the mayhem. The gameplay
is similar to Dead Space 2 so that’s nice.

Overall, I found Dead
Space 3 to be an improvement from Dead Space 2. It has amazing
graphics, a great story, and one of the most realistic sound experiences
you will ever find in a game. The only negative that I can think of is
that I found the original Dead Space game to be creepier than Dead Space
3 but that doesn’t mean Dead Space 3 isn’t creepy because it is. I
definitely recommend it to the fans who loved the first two titles
because Dead Space 3 will make you crap your pants. I give this game a
80/100 even though I didn’t find it to be as creepy as the original game.

Verdict: 80/100



Survival Horror

Another World
Release Date

February 5, 2013

Visceral Games

Electronic Arts

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