Gotham City Impostors Review

Graphics are pretty alright/smooth. That’s the only thing I’m giving this game a one for. This f2p was.. quite a slap to the face, to be honest. Gotham City Impostors? How does this game have anything to do with Batman if Batman’s full 3d rendered character isn’t even shown once, or for that matter, playable, as like a special character? At least that would add some flair to the game. It is very mediocre beyond belief, and confising.
Weapons, matchmaking, etc. To one, he/she may think right off the bat that this game is a fighting style sort of game, with actual third person fist-fighting similar to LA Noire. But no, it’s another free typical fps shooter.  First off, matchmaking, horrendous. Takes at least a 10 minute wait on good internet speed, and this game does not have a beginners server, no. They immediately throw you in with higher ranking players and you have no damn clue how to play properly. Sprinting in this game? JOKE. It’s exactly like walking almost! Even I could run faster in other shooters. And weapons, unbelievable. Starter rifle, is a con. Very weak, but somehow other players manage to make it overpowered. Everything is WEAK in this game, and deaths are more likely. Overall, you gotta pay the price in money to get the good weapons you want to wreck havoc. In my honest opinion, lame.

Verdict: 10/100

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