Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Review

First of all I’ve been playing these types of games since the beginning.
Some of my personal favorites are the orignal Fallout and Fallout 2 as
well as the last two Jagged Alliance PC titles. They all have that
nice old school 2D pollished look and gameplay. They also both heavily
rely on an action points combat system, which makes for a nice strategic
type of gameplay.

Well Jagged Alliance Back in Action has gotten
ridden of all action points all together and gone with a none stop
battlefield and pollished 2D graphics have been replaced with glitchy 3D
“ish” type of graphics. Also the story and country your fighting on is
the same as Jagged Alliance 2 and Jagged Alliance Back in Action has
also scalled down the orignal size of the country to explore.

over all opinion about Jagged Alliance Back in Action is your better of
playing the orignal Jagged Alliance 2, its better pollished gameplay,
graphics and price. Remakes of older games is not always a good idea
expecially if your going to take the “meat and potatoes” out of the

Shame on you Kalypso Studios for a lame remake and not something of your own.

Verdict: 20/100



Strategy RPG
Release Date

February 14, 2012


Kalypso Media USA Inc.

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