Rainbow Islands Review

This classic arcade conversion should be sitting on the top of our platform league. Released after much controversy by Ocean in the late eighties, it’s way ahead of other similar style games in the playability stakes.

The Beauty o the whole affair lies in the incredible hidden object and bonus system which still seems to throw up new features even after years of play Andrew Braybrook and the Graftgold team must be congratulated for camming them all into the constraints of an A500 (Amiga) system and producing what is arguably the best Amiga game of all time.

The aim of the game is to kill the nasties by firing rainbows and to reach the tow of each level, amassing as many points as possible. If you still don’t own this cite and hugely playable platform romp, look up the word ‘purchase’ in the dictionary and follow the description to the letter.

Verdict: 90/100

Genre: Action
Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd.
Developer: Taito Corporation
Release Date: 1990

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