Rayman Origins PC Review

One word can describe the whole of this game: different. You could
compare it to Mario or Sonic, play it, then take everything back.The
color and art in this game makes Mario look about as colorful as Doom,
and the pacing makes Sonic seem turn-based in comparison.

first thing I will talk about is gameplay. The action in this game is
fast and precise, making you stick to the path or die in a spike pit.

you also have to be careful not to fall into that spike pit. Here’s a
link to a random flash game to give you a rough idea. […] Also casual
gamers looking for some nice easy fun will be dissapointed. This game is
HARD. I am a fairly competent platformer but was barely able to
complete some of the levels in the first half of the game.

most obvious subject, graphics.I am playing this game on a computer that
was top of the line in 2005, and runs this game quite well. My card is
Raedon X850, and at least 3 ghz processor, windows XP. The color in the
game was just overwhelming. Even the menus have little limbs, and
everything is bright and happy.

At full price, casual players or small budgets will find it a bit expensive, but on sale is a great value.

Verdict: 75/100       



Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date

March 29, 2012

Ubisoft Montpellier

Ubisoft Entertainment

Downloadable Release

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