Saints Row: The Third – Genki Bowl VII Review

Overhyped, and under-performing. To call this a ‘mission pack’ is pretty dishonest – it would be more accurate to call it an ‘activity pack’. Several of the regular activities have been genki-fied, which would be nice, if they’d put nearly the kind of effort into these DLC activities that they did into the activities included in the base game.

The biggest let-down was “Apocalypse Genki”, the jungle-themed S.E.R.C. successor. It seems like so much time and effort for only two short levels. To compare, the original S.E.R.C. has six instances. The only non-repackaged activity was Sad Panda Skydiving, and to be honest, it doesn’t seem very well thought through.

The mascots you’re supposed to kill with a melee weapon tend to run into the trigger effect of over-sensitive cannons that will shoot you into the sky if you get too close, balloons aren’t that useful and the sum total just isn’t that much fun. And that’s from someone who’s already gotten all but one of the Sad Panda achievements in just three runs. Even when I’m doing great at it, it’s just not something I’d prefer to do. All in all I’m not feeling great about having bought the season pass.

Verdict: 30/100

Genre: Action
Developer: Volition Inc.
Release Date: Jan 17, 2012
Flags: DLC

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