Wakfu Review

Equips drop are now a lot more rare presumably to encourage and make crafting useful… but the crafting is not the crafting from beta. It takes hundreds of ingredients to make 1 thing. The only thing that drops well is the item shop. The pet is near useless. It starts off with 1% and increases like every 4 days. Even the shop items require level grind. The monetary system is annoying because monsters don’t drop gold.
You have to grind it. Currently there’s a guy camping at every respawn point for iron just mindlessly waiting for it to reappear. It takes 10 iron to make 1 gold.
This means iron is worth 1/10 of the smallest form of currency. Similarly many items are worth less than 1k. Everyone is selling everything at 1k instead so no one buys things they can grind themselves. Spell XP is a joke. You can use a spell once and use a weapon the rest of the turns and get 100% spell XP for that spell. Other times you use a spell and another spell gets more damage and that other spell earns a bit more spell XP. The spell XP makes it so you can’t see if your class is good or not without investing several weeks of grind, and even then you’re limited to only a few skills from a particular branch. Experimentation is not possible, and if you reroll your character you can’t gain the perks again you paid for by subbing, they’re limited to 1 character. It feels unintuitive I find myself using spells I don’t need to just to level them. Sometimes I spend battles where I use a spell once and weapons the rest of the turn just because I want to level a weak spell or keep it even with my other spells. It’s a lot of stupid micromanagement when I really would rather have challenging battles.

Some classes like saddida can exploit their way to higher level pretty easily and it seems a bit unfair meanwhile others like air osa are kind of useless. Well, there’s too many small things to list that are just bad. The thing that irks me the most is how little experimentation I can do, or what I’d like to call “play”. Everything takes an enormous amount of time. The only thing that makes this game kind of tolerable is the other players.

Verdict: 10/100



Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date

February 29, 2012


Square Enix, Inc.

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