Serious Sam 3: BFE PC Review

This is a very fun game in doses. After maybe 45 minutes the repetition
wears me down to a point of it being a chore. In 30-60 minute doses though, the chaotic destruction is enjoyable. There are a ton of weapon
options, ammo is plentiful, enemies comes in enormous continuous waves.
The fighting is endless. No deep thought is required. Just run and
shoot. If you get overwhelmed in later levels, it’s pretty easy to
retreat a bit to divide and conquer enemies that pursue at different

Graphics are nice. The level design is nothing visually
mind-blowing. The entire game takes place in Egypt so there’s a lot of
desert and fragments of ruins. Interior levels are a bit of a pain.
Visibility is limited. You need to use a flashlight to see anything and
finding your way isn’t always easy. Levels are very linear. There’s zero
exploration outside of locating secret items scattered about (often in
the corners).

This game is a first-person shooter in it’s
standard mode, but it’s easy to toggle into third-person. I played the
entire game in third-person and found it to play extremely well in that
mode with the exception of jumping to scale an object. I tried jumping
in first-person, however, and it didn’t really make any difference.

liked the story in this game. It’s very simplistic. Aliens are
everywhere. Sam is on his own as he quests to turn on some crazy weapons
known as the “Time Lock.” It’s not a deep story, but it’s not bad for a
game that is basically chaos incarnate. Sam is an over-the-top tough
guy with a touch of humor, so he’s fun enough in the role of narrator.

Verdict: 80/100

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