Tomb Raider PC Review

I wasn’t expecting much since it’s been forever since there’s been a
good Tomb Raider game but man this game is good! Sadly nowadays you
expect most multiplatform PC games to be terrible console ports and I
fully expected Tomb Raider to be that but it’s not. To say this game
looks gorgeous would be an understatement. Tomb Raider is right up there
with some of the best looking PC games to date. Lara Crofts face is
just stunning to look at and the game environment is just spectacular.
They did such an amazing job creating so many different game
environments within the world!

Now for some of the negatives:
can’t run Tessellation at all otherwise you will completely freeze the
game or crash your computer. The TressFX feature, although cool, is
pretty buggy at times and it just destroys your frame rates. The
quick-time events are rather annoying because you need to be really fast
otherwise you die and then you keep repeating it till you finally pass
it. You will be cursing the game because there’s a lot of QTE events and
you’ll most likely fail a lot of them numerous times.

I’m so glad I purchased this game. This is most likely as close to
getting Uncharted on PC as we will ever get! If you’ve played Uncharted
before you will absolutely love this re-imagining of Tomb Raider. It’s
been so long since I’ve played a game this good and it absolutely
reinvigorates my desire to play single player games again.

Verdict: 80/100



Action Adventure

Female Protagonist
Release Date

March 5, 2013

Crystal Dynamics, Inc.
Nixxes Software BV

Square Enix, Inc.

Downloadable Release

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