Vampires v. Zombies Review

Very poor game concept and the title is somewhat misleading. The
zombies are almost a side note and actually rather annoying. The game
would be better, even if only slightly, without them. This is not a
strategy game, you don’t plan an attack or defense for the zombies, they
randomly come out of the ground and you kill them by clicking on them
several times! Many levels don’t even have zombies! I am ashamed to
say I played about 40 levels before quitting as I was rather desperate
for a game to play, but it was far enough to be sure that there wasn’t
anything I was going to be missing.

There are only 3 types of
vampires, one that plants pumpkins(the more accurate title for the game
would be “Vampires Planting and Processing Pumpkins That Are
Occasionally Attacked by Zombies”), one that that digs up stones, and
one very bland fighting vampire (which you can rarely afford and don’t
really need), and you can also purchase a rat(which you can rarely
afford) to help pick up the pumpkins and stones which you then process
and sell. Your mission objectives are basically along the lines of
create 8 jack-o-lanterns in 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Yes, the missions
are that short(which makes me slightly less ashamed that I played 40

The only redeeming quality of this game was that it
included 4 bonus games, 3 of which were really bad. But I had a little
bit of fun with Haunted Domain, but is by no means worth buying because

Verdict: 20/100



Time Management

Release Date

November 2011

Alawar Five-BN

Viva Media

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