Grid 2 PC Review

Grid 2. The day is here, after 5 years we finally get to experience Grid again. Is it good?


we get under way, a little housekeeping, The game does not have cockpit
view, and does not have Demolition Derby. I know that a lot of people
enjoy these two features and they are important to them. I have to admit
the sudden, glaring flaws this creates at the outset of a review did
put a bad taste in my mouth. I just couldn’t figure out why this game
was to be having less content than the previous game. But I will tell
you now, I’m not really sure that it affects the gameplay much, GRID’s
shining feature here is its driving and overwhelming sense of urgency,
it just had a big price it had to pay for it. I think a lot of people
will be wary about their favorite stuff missing this time around.

***Menu and Ease of use***
menu system is a pretty solid comparison to Dirt 2’s menu system, but
without Dirt 2’s cumbersome animations. I found selections to be quick,
really easy to navigate, and extremely well laid out. I had no trouble
whatsoever doing what I needed to do. The menu Looks nice and works
quite well.

GRID has no interest in getting big
bands and setting up crazy playlists so you can jam out while you race.
It has a selection of somewhat generic, underlying tunes, to make sure
that the Cars take center stage. That’s not to say the tunes are under
inspired or poor, they’re certainly not, but they’re just downplayed for
the cars sound to take them over, and to only use the urgent tunes to
convey urgency and get your blood pumping. I enjoy the sentiment because
of the great sounds on the cars. A good set of speakers makes these
engines sound great, the 4 bangers and the monstrous v8’s and 12’s don’t
let you down at all. To boot, each car really sounds different and
unique. I want to say this game’s cars sound a lot like Forza’s cars
sound, possibly a bit better, and that’s a pretty good benchmark to hit.


GRID 2 offers a few new game types to mess around with Returning game types are:

—–Race: Race X number of laps and attempt to come in first.

Get the tail out at speed to earn points, multipliers are given to
linked drifts andbunus points are given to drivers who get get close to
the flags while drifting. The closer you get, the more points you bank.
Collisions in a multiplier, end that multiplier.

—–Touge: Two
cars face off down a hill twice, you follow your opponent the first, he
follows you the second, or vice versa. Collisions earn you penalties.
Whomever leads the most distance between their opponent in seconds at
the end of both races is the winner.

—–Face off: Two cars, one track, one race, One lap or point to point. Winner takers all.

—–Endurance: Timed races, you race for X minutes, whoever is in the lead at the end wins.

New event types:

—–Time attack: Nothing truly original, get around the track and beat the target time.

The clock begins ticking, everytime it counts down, the last place car
is eliminated, the race continues until one car remains.

Overtake slower cars. There is a multiplier at work, this multiplier
has two resets, as you increase in multiplier (one level increase for
each overtake) you get a few seconds to pass another car, if you do so
in time, the overtake multiplier increases (Max is times 10), if you
fail to do this you lose on times multiplier (5  4) and the timer to
lower again begins, it will continue going down until you pass a car.
The other way is a collision. Striking a car or a wall will reset your
multiplier to 1. To win, you’ll need to keep your multiplier as high as
possible and race clean.

—–Checkpoint: The object here is
distance. The track is laden with checkpoints, each checkpoint will give
you more time, the object is the be the last one still going, the
faster you can get through sections of the track, the more time you’ll
have, and the longer you’ll last.

Single player:

object here is to begin a whole new Racing league comprised of all of
the best clubs and drivers in the world. The WSR. As you race against
clubs in a country, they’ll begin to see the value of racing in the WSR
and you being the main wingman for the creator, beating the clubs at
their own game and offering them a chance to play in the WSR only grows
the sport. As you play you’ll be challenged with new playstyles, new
events more cars and harder and longer races. You begin in America, move
to Europe and Asia and set up a WSR in each country, then set up a
world league. Really, this is a more streamlined version of how GRID one
handled its races, with right around the same number of events,
possibly more. Winning earns fans for the WSR, and as you amass more
fans more people watch. But really the fans for the WSR are exactly the
same as Your Reputation score in Grid One. In short it feels like GRID,
and it does work well. But I’d be surprised if you play single player
once you start multiplayer.


Wow this got so
much of an overhaul. You start your very own racing team here, like you
did in Grid one, but this time you get to have that experience online.
Winning earns you experience and cash, as you level up, you unlock other
cars to purchase with your cash, or spend that money on upgrades to
make the car more competitive, with a completely separate livery editor
from the single player, and completely separate car unlock progression.
So, to do well and unlock things quickly, you need to win. With all the
disciplines available there’s bound to be something you’ll want to
specialize in. The online mode is very well sorted out. But the races
are just as easy to join and participate as before.

The Liveroute system
Liveroute basically takes a track and randomizes the corners you’ll be taking, making the route different each lap of a race. I’ll try to show you. Lets say you have a track that looks like this:

7 (4 turns two very heavy, one hard and an easy.)

Live route could race that exact track the first lap, then change it the second lap to look like this:

? (5 turns, two heavy turns (ones’s in a different place, two chicanes and a long sweep)

And the third to look like this:

{X7 (6 turns, 4 heavy turns, an a dip tunnel bit that goes under another part of the track (the X), a Kink and longer straights)

This prevents players from memorizing the layout of the track and make them entirely dependent on what’s coming. Its completely reaction based. Arcadey or not, it keeps you on your toes. The system works fairly well too. Above your minimap, there is a pink bar that fills in, this is your lap so you can tell how much longer you’ve got to race. In the examples, the “<” shown in the first two examples will have very different entry speeds, as the sweeping corner in the second example will net a higher top speed on exit.


Back. Ahem. The rewind feature is more streamlined than I’ve seen it
before, getting rid of the snapshots and flashes, and just letting you
fix your mistake, more like how Forza’s system works.


This game is not a sim, but its not so much an arcade game that it passes as need for speed. Let me explain,
game is extremely good at responding to your inputs, how you use the
throttle, the sound, the way you turn and the approach to corners
combined with weight transfer into a corner all contribute heavily to
how a car will respond through that corner, so setting yourself up for a
corner and making sure you’re using all the power you can use at the
correct moment is key to being able to keep speed through corners, just
like a sim. However cars respond quicker to braking, and turn better
than they should be able to in real life giving an arcade feel as well.
There are a few tracks you can get through in low classes keeping it
floored, but there are a large amount of technical tracks which will
make you brake hard and try to focus on the apex and exit of the corner
to retain and gain speed.

While the game is arcade, its not a NFS
hold your finger permanently on the Accelerator to win mentality,
coupled with that is damage.
Your car will take damage as you hit
walls or cars, some damage is instant, some is over time, such as
radiator damage. The damage will slowly rob your car of power as it
overheats, causing even more damage over time. Hard hits to the front
may cause wheels or suspension damage which will be felt immediately in
the corners. Damage isn’t modeled in a Forza realistic sense where as in
real life hard hits to the front of the car completely make it
worthless, heavily damaging downforce and suspension, GRID’s more
forgiving than that, but routinely beating the crap out of your car will
cost you seconds on the track resulting in slower gear changes,
tracking issues with the wheels resulting in pulls going straight, and
loss of power depending on how severe the hit was. Terminal damage is
also possible, hitting something hard enough or enough times can disable
the car, which allows you to run a flashback to try and remedy what you
did wrong.

GRID 2 is a very attractive game,
the smoke and cars are modeled extremely well, as is the damage, Codies
still sports the best damage model in the business. Making GRID 2 a
beautiful game to look at, and to play, I did see some texture pop in,
specifically the wheels, but more types of paint and adjustments are
available here than in the previous iteration, as ell as the
environments being astoundingly gorgeous. Where GRID’s weird yellowish
tint and very high bloom made it look grittier andmore realistic, the
engine here is very solid, leaving little need for high bloom, and
opening a diverse and very beautiful palette of racetrack grittiness and
natural mountain road beauty.

Keep in mind though they
sacrificed Cockpit to make these landscapes as nice as they are, and as
nice as they do look, i’m not sure it was neccesary, still the graphics
are excellent.

***Wrap UP***
All in all, I think the focus
here is to improve the overall feel of GRID, but GRID 2, while it feels
like a sequel I feel still has lost some of its personality, With the
loss of cockpit view (which I don’t use) They have lost some hardcore
gamers for a better looking game. I feel bad about this decision, but I
tried really hard not to think about it going in, and to be honest when
the heat is on, and its close racing I have such a hard time believing
you’ll care. The racing Is phenomenal and the AI iconic to Codemasters
is VERY challenging if you increase the difficulty. The loss of Demo
derby though, that makes me a bit upset, I really enjoyed that mode, and
was almost exclusively what I played online in the First GRID. I feel
the racing and experience here in this game has escalated GRID 2 to be
better than GRID 1, especially how Online is handled, but it’s much more
serious now as a result, which is a completely different kind of fun
than Demo Derby provides, but more adequately utilizes what they’ve
chosen to include in the game as far as improvements to physics and car
Overall Grid 2 is an excellently well-made and balanced
game, if you like racing games, it’s a good title to have. The missing
features don’t in my opinion hurt it much given the visuals and the
racing it has to offer, but I’ll miss the features they left out. I
recommend this game for the Consoles or PC. It’s definitely better than
what Shift could offer, and it’s not as serious as other sims, while
staying away from Blur and Split second type of stuff. I just hope at
some point Demo Derby is DLC.

Verdict: 80/100



Sports Car Racing
Release Date

May 28, 2013



Downloadable Release

Freeware FPS adventure ‘AscendAon’ is now available; an indie mix of Skyrim and XII

AscendAon is a First-Person Adventure game that promises to immerse players into a frozen wasteland. Players will use their trusty Grapple Gun and Rock Climbing Rope to scavenge for resources scattered around the environment and reach the top of the mountain to radio for help.

Metro Last Light PC Review

The thing that really stood out to me about this game is it’s
atmosphere. The level creators went to painstaking detail to make this a
believable world. Things you’ll encounter are dusty, cramped
corridors, spider lairs where webs are everywhere and they slow you
down, little spiders can be seen on the webs scurrying to the ceiling as
you approach and the bigger spiders are horrifying (don’t play this
game if you have arachnophobia), makeshift “villages” in the metro
tunnels filled with people who carry on conversations about their lives
and I’m not just talking a sentence or two, you can stop and listen
sometimes for several minutes to a conversation. A theater, a strip
club (complete with full upper nudity and the probably the most
realistic looking boobs yet in a game), sewers, tunnels, catacombs, the
list goes on and that’s just what’s underground.

What’s above
ground looks possibly even more impressive. The cities that were wiped
out by the nuclear holocaust look just like you would imagine they
would. Corroded husks of old buses, airplanes and cars carry the
skeletons of the poor souls caught in the blast, the vegetation looks
great, the terrain feels natural. And the most impressive thing was the
weather. This game has bar-none the best weather effects of any video
game yet. You really feel like you are in a raging storm with the way
the wind whips the rain and actually makes you feel somewhat off balance
and alters your aim as well. Lightning illuminates the dark sky as you
hear the deep moan of some distant beast. Water and mud spatter the
lens of your gas mask and you have to wipe it off so you can see where
you’re going. You can really tell they wanted the entire world of this
game to feel grimy, disheveled and war-torn and they pulled it off
perfectly. You won’t find generic, blank walls or floors. Instead
they’ll have cracks in the concrete, rebar sticking out, dirt on them,
grass growing through, vines hanging down, etc. Nearly every inch of
every surface has an incredible amount of detail and realism.

not too different from most first person shooters. Just like with
Metro 2033, ammo is scarce here especially in Ranger mode. More than
once I found myself completely out of ammo for both of my guns and at
times I’d have to revert to my last save to find a way to spend less
ammo. Stealth plays a big part in this game and it’s fairly
straightforward. A blue light on your watch lets you know whether you
are hidden or illuminated and you can literally walk right up to enemies
in the dark and they won’t know you’re there. Guns feel and sound
decent, nothing that hasn’t been done before. Guns can be upgraded by
spending bullets (currency) at vendors, though at times it seems like a
waste because you’ll often find customized guns that are the same or
better than what you just upgraded on the corpses of the enemies you

The storyline is a little bizarre but it’s good and not too
difficult to follow. My biggest gripes with the game were that in
Ranger Mode it was often confusing as to what you were supposed to do in
some situations. For example in one boss fight you have to spend just
about every bullet you have to bring down the boss, then in the next
boss fight you don’t have to spend any ammo at all but rather lure the
boss into ramming the support columns of the room you’re in, but the
game doesn’t let you know that in any way. Without knowing this you’ll
end up dumping all of your precious ammo into a boss when no amount of
ammo in the world would kill him. There was also one particularly tough
“wave defense” section that I died on no less than 50 times and with no
way to change which guns I had I was stuck with guns that didn’t suit
that challenge very well at all. To beat this section I finally had to
find an exploit by hiding on a ledge where the enemies couldn’t reach me
and waiting out the timer on the challenge until I could escape safely.
I know Ranger mode is supposed to be hard but if a seasoned gamer is
dying 50+ times on one section that’s bad design in my opinion.

took me roughly 10 hours to finish the game, which is a touch short but
all 10 hours were great. I would definitely recommend this game and
for best results play it at night, with headphones on and crank the

Verdict: 80/100



First-Person Shooter

Release Date

May 14, 2013

4A Games

Deep Silver

Keyboard, Mouse

Mortal Kombat PC Officially Announced, Hits Digital Stores This July

And it is official everyone. Warner Bros today announced Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC. Windows PC players can now face-off with Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, named the Fighting Game of the Year by Spike TV at the 2011 Video Game Awards.

Players enter the realm to face the Kombatants in Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition for PC, delivering all of the downloadable content (DLC), including intrepid warriors Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain, as well as the notorious dream stalker Freddy Krueger. Additionally, the game offers 15 Klassic Mortal Kombat Skins and three Klassic Fatalities (Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile).

Guild Wars II ‘Last Stand at Southsun’ Event Goes Live on May 28th

Sure, the original Guild Wars might be heading towards permanent life support, but Guild Wars II just keeps on trucking. May 28th will mark the unveiling of new content, this particular bit called Last Stand at the Southsun. Players will have to band together to take down a renegade sylvari by the name of Canach who has apparently made a bunch of creatures really upset. This would probably not be an issue except for, you know, these creatures trying to murder everything. Last Stand at Southsun brings more than a narrative though. Here’s what all to expect:

Neverwinter Economy Crashes Whilst Still In Beta

An exploit has come to light in the MMO Neverwinter which has led the economy to ruination whilst the game is still in beta.

Reddit users explain how the exploit allowed players to bid on items in the games auction house for negative amounts, allowing them to win the item and gain the set amount of in game money. This isn’t all though as the in game money can be converted to ZEN, a form of online currency that costs real world cash and can be transferred into other games.

EA Renames Danger Close As DICE LA And Gives It Some Star Wars

This doesn’t appear to be a new studio, as such. EA is restructuring and part of that process appears to be the renaming and expansion of the studio that has most recently been known as Danger Close.

Danger Close has gone through a number of names since it was purchased (as DreamWorks Interactive) back in 2000. It was subsequently merged with EA Pacific and Westwood to become EA Los Angeles. Then it was finally renamed as Danger Close. Now it seems set for some expansion and another rebranding as DICE Los Angeles.

Tiny Brains System Specs

“Tiny Brains” is a cooperative action puzzler that follows four super-powered lab animals in their attempt to escape a mad scientist’s experiments. In this joyously chaotic multiplayer game, the four “Tiny Brains” must combine their unique physics-based powers to navigate through a trick-ridden maze.


    • OS: Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: P4 3 Ghz or Athlon 3400
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB Video Memory with Shader Model 3.0 support; ATI Radeon X1600XT / NVIDEA GeForce 7800GS
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection 

Star Trek 2013 PC Review

I’ve played a lot of Star Trek games in my life. I’ve been through the greats (Elite Force series) and the not-so-greats (STO anyone?). Star Trek’s latest game, the first for the reboot timeline, is sadly in the latter category.

Let me start with the redeeming qualities.
First, it’s a decent storyline. I love the connections to the original
series; the re-imagined Gorn make decent enemies; and it’s about time
you get to play as Kirk and Spock. The game play itself is okay at
times: good space exterior levels (I appreciate the 360-style levels)
and, for the most part, the cover and climbing system is passable.
Finally, the best part for me is the interior shots of the Enterprise.
I’m a techno-geek at heart: I like exploring space ships. I know some
people dislike the redesigned Enterprise, but I grew up with the
Enterprise-D/Enterprise-E. The original Enterprise never made much sense
to me, so I appreciate the redesign.

Those highlights alone
warrant two out of five stars. Unfortunately, everything else is lack
luster. I was surprised by the graphic quality. Granted, a 5GB download
is nice, but I can’t help but feel like shortcuts were taken with the
graphics when you compare them to modern standards. It gave me the same
feeling I had when playing Bridge Commander for the first time: surely
the technology is better than this? Beyond this, the graphics fail to
capture the artistic essence that the 2009 and (presumably) the 2013
films bring. Yes, they’re computer games, but you can’t tell me they
can’t achieve an artistic quality in their own right when games like the
Halo, Gears of War, and Mass Effect series continue to break that mold.

so, the storyline feels like it wants to fall back into the typical
Star Trek “random mission action” trap. The 2009 movie obviously had the
distinction of being an origin storyline that kicked off an entire new
timeline. This game had the potential to explore many of the
ramifications of where the movie left off: the destruction of Vulcan,
the Enterprise’s mission after Earth was almost destroyed, etc. Instead,
it waters down these elements to focus on yet another action scene
where the green aliens must die.

Finally, some of the gameplay
issues are hardly excusable. Several puzzles took extra time in either
figuring out the goal or confusing controls. Some tasks/screens had no
obvious exit control or menu: I had to spend XP to upgrade just so I
could exit the upgrade screen, and there is no obvious way to drop power
cells. The AI driving the alt character (Kirk or Spock depending on who
you’re playing) is hardly solid. Half of the commands you send to the
alt character are either ignored or require the character to be within a
few feet of a panel, door, or enemy. I even had to restart a checkpoint
a few times in joint tasks where the alt character never came and I was
stuck: joint hacking and climbing into roof access points come to mind.
The cover and climb system is rudimentary compared to more notable
examples. What’s more, a few tasks were complicated by slightly missed
ledges or cover points that my character refused to enter/climb.

I was extremely disappointed with this game. I had high hopes, but it
not only fails to live up to what I loved about the new movie(s), but
also what I love about historic Star Trek games.

so-greats (STO anyone?). Star
Trek’s latest game, the first for the reboot timeline, is sadly in the
latter category.

Verdict: 40/100



Third-Person 3D Shooter

Franchise Characters
Futuristic Warfare
Release Date

April 23, 2013

Digital Extremes

Paramount Digital Entertainment
Namco Bandai Games America, Inc.

Downloadable Release