Survarium – New Alpha Screenshots Released

Vostok Games released four new screenshots from the alpha version of Survarium, the MMO spiritual successor to STALKER. Surviarium looks good in its alpha stage and seems to retain STALKER’s atmosphere. Surviarium is meant to be an MMOFPS and is planned for a late 2013 release on the PC, although we can see it slipping […]

Unity Engine – Officially Supports Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 & Xbox One

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform game engine and development tools, has entered into an agreement with Microsoft to collaborate on development tools for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox One. This collaboration will make it even easier for developers to bring popular games, entertainment and apps to Microsoft platforms.

The Elder Scrolls Online’ for PS4 and Xbox One is fundamentally identical to PC

XMNR: One of the big announcements at E3 was that The Elder Scrolls Online was headed to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in addition to its planned PC release. Zenimax Online lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle said in an interview released Wednesday that the MMORPG will remain relatively unchanged between the PC and next-gen […]

Company of Heroes 2 Review and System Requirements

The Good: 1) Gorgeous graphics. Amazingly detailed scenes. 2) Bugs ironed out of the Engine. Optimized and runs smoothly at 56FPS even with a GTX 550Ti. 3) Much more realistic sounds and smaller innovations. The Bad: 1) Totally different way of UI. THQ/Sega could have just given an option to use the old UI. This […]

MotoGP 13 PC Review and System Requirements

After seeing those trailers that they’ve been putting out lately I thought this game was gonna be absolute junk. I was pleasantly surprised though. First off, it uses a similar launcher to MotoGP 08 so all the settings are the same or very similar. The main menu is pretty cool, has slow-motion of riders on […]

Dementium II HD System Specs

The visage of doctors and patients alike fade in and out of these nightmarish visions of tortured memories. This eggshell reality is fractured by experiments conducted in the ward. Blood, flesh and screams surround as you put together the pieces of your story and make your escape from the Bright Dawn Treatment Center while the […]

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition Launches on PC & Mac

Paradox Interactive has today launched the highly anticipated Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition for the PC and Mac. Working closely with Behold Studios, the publisher has helped to optimize the videogame with new features such as a tavern, dungeon areas, a longer campaign, and plenty of new unhealthy snacks for the players’ in-game […]

3D Realms sues Gearbox over unpaid Duke Nukem royalties, Gearbox responds

Gearbox took over and resumed development of Duke Nukem Forever in 2009, eventually completing the project that 3D Realms had spent nearly 15 years developing. 3D Realms now seeks to recover over $2 million, claiming that Gearbox blocked an independent audit attempting to document the company’s royalty earnings from Duke Nukem Forever.