Agarest: Generations of War Synopsis

Record of Agarest War is a traditional, grid-based strategy RPG that features multi-generational gameplay and peppers a heavy dose of suggestive visuals into its 100-hour storyline. An ancient war between darkness and light once threatened to tear the entire world asunder, but by the intervention of the very Gods whose actions ignited the war in the first place, the land was saved. But as the millennia wore on, a perilous evil began to spread to the surface of the world once again.

Players step into this scenario as Leonhardt, a young man whose actions, including his choices in affairs of the heart, will have a profound effect on the fate of the land. Joined by a party of fellow crusaders, Leonhardt travels from waypoint to waypoint, talking to characters and using collaborative attacks to battle a variety of beasts. And when Leonhardt grows old and can no longer fight, players can use the “Soul Breed” system to choose a bride, give birth to an heir, and continue the journey with a new generation.

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