PC Game Releases – December 2013 (all indie games in Dec 2013)

PC Game Category   Estimated Release Draw a Stickman Epic Adventure, Indie December 3, 2013 Dollar Dash Winter Pack Action, Indie December 3, 2013 Half Life: Before Adventure, Indie December 3, 2013 Battlefield 4: China Rising Shooter December 3, 2013 Savant Ascent Action, Indie December 4, 2013 Darkout Action, Indie December 4, 2013 Broken Sword 5 […]

The Pinball Arcade (2013) Review and System Requirements

I love pinball games, and this game delivers. Graphics are bar non and the sounds are fantastic. Only small gripe I have is I vvish it had rumble features (Unless it’s in the settings, I haven’t checked) Othervvise great pinball game. System Requirements Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: Dual Core 1.6 ghz or better. Memory: […]

Details for Final Fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X and Final Fantasy XI Cross-Promotion Event Revealed

In order to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, Dragon Quest X‘s first anniversary and Final Fantasy XIV‘s successful launch, Square Enix has announced a huge cross-promotional event for all three games. The first event is for Final Fantasy XI and features Sage Hourou from DQ X coming to Vana’diel via the World […]

all TEAM 17 Games (all Worms and Alien Breed PC Games)

Team17 Digital Ltd. is a British video game company that developed the Worms (initially developed by Andy Davidson), Superfrog, and the Alien Breed series of games. Most of its early releases vvere on the Amiga home computer system and featured trademark smooth scrolling, and detailed cartoonish pixel art. Team17 novv develops 4 Windows PCs and […]

Need For Speed Rivals Review and System Requirements (game will not support driving wheels)

Burnout fan and newbie to the Need For Speed games. I have only played Most Wanted 2012 and Hot Pursuit. Hot Pursuit did not give you any reason to explore the open word and there was nothing rewarding to do so. MW 2012 was appealing to me as it brought the NFS cars and the […]

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – Incoming Patch Will Add PhysX Effects

Nvidia has announced that an incoming patch will add some new PhysX effects in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. According to the green team, this patch will introduce APEX Particles that are manipulated by external forces such as gravity, wind, character movement, and explosions, courtesy of the APEX Turbulence system. As Nvidia’s Andrew wrote on […]

Bionic Dues Review and System Requirements

Bionic dues is a turn-based tactics strategy game, that mixes in some roguelike elements. You play as a robot pilot controlling the last 4 remaining friendly bots defending a cyberpunk city from an invasion of hostile robots. The game’s individual missions play out similar to a floor in a roguelike. Each mission is a randomly […]

New ‘Awesomenauts’ Character Skin To Benefit Make-A-Wish Foundation

In the latest Awesomenauts game patch, Ronimo Games added in a handful of additions to the Awesomenauts content pool, but paramount to it all is the addition of “Private Mels” a character re-skin for Sheriff Lonestar. The skin itself is purely cosmetic, and costs $2.49. The revenue that is collected from the Private Mels character […]